Lefties Harassing School Kids who favor Romney Ryan

FREEDOM EDEN: New Berlin School Bus Driver Tells Child He Should Have Been Aborted.

This first story was tracked on the Mark Belling radio show. Seems a New Berlin, WI school bus driver engaged a 12 year old kid in a political discussion due to the Romney Ryan sign in his front yard. The boy responded by saying that Obama is pro abortion. The boy and other students on the bus report that the bus driver replied: “Maybe your mom should have chosen abortion for you”.

The child’s mother reported this to the Durham School Service manager, Michael Bennett. Mark Belling also contacted the bus service provider.

The school bus driver has since been fired for her inappropriate comment to the student.

This incident has gotten no attention from the mainstream media, but the next story, has gotten a lot more coverage.

A 16 year old student, Samantha Pawlucy, at Charles Carroll High School in Port Richmond, PA was harassed by her geometry teacher, Lynette Gaymon, for wearing a Romney T-Shirt. She has since received additional abuse on social media as well.
Romney has made a phone call to the girl’s family, thanking the girl for her support.
Thought there has been considerable support coming from the community, Samantha’s parents are attempting to have her placed in a different school.