Pro-lifer looks at the Vice Presidential Debate

The question concerning how the vice presidential candidates’ Catholic faith informs their view on abortion was easier for Ryan to deal with than for Biden.

Paul Ryan was able to clearly give his own pro-life position, but had to hedge on the policy which the Romney campaign has to put forth, which is to remove the public funds for abortion, but continue to permit abortion for rape, incest and so-called life of the mother exceptions.

Joe Biden looked down while delivering must of his answer, since, of course his so-called Catholic faith does not support his own pro-abortion position. It also does not support the extreme position of the Obama administration, which supports late term and post-birth abortion, and forces religiously run institutions and private businesses to pay for abortion, birth control and sterilizations through insurance.
Biden blatantly lied when he said that Catholic run institutions were not being affected by the HHS mandate.

Ryan asked: Then why is the Catholic Church still suing the Obama administration???