Media Needs A Chill Pill Regarding Japan’s Nuclear Woes

Certainly Japan has a bad mess to clean up, but the U.S. media, bent on killing any U.S. nuclear energy program, is hugely exaggerating the disaster, in addition to spewing bad physics, and false information.

Read this for a chill pill, and learn about the structure of the newer nuclear power sources and the  vast difference between Fukushima and Chernobyl.

Also explained in this article is the excess of panic concerning the release of radiation at the plants.

Read this and turn off your television.  You’ll never learn nuclear physics from lefties.  Those are mostly  the ones who flunked out of science in H.S.

More chill pills:  Godzilla Redux, and this hilarious tiny article at Reuters, telling us something the lefties did not want to hear.

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