Monitor the New Secessionist Movement, and a Means to Destroy OBAMACARE

27 States Petition to Secede from the United States on |

At least 30 states are circulating petitions to secede from the union. The surprise is that Blue states are among this group, with their numbers of petitioners keeping up with many red states. Texas, a state with the greatest capacity to survive on its own, has 40,000 petitioners so far.

In addition to this secessionist movement, many states have exempted themselves at least in part from Obamacare. Those with health care freedom added to their constitutions include Alabama, Oklahoma, Arizona, Wyoming and Montana.
The following states have passed laws forbidding their state employees to implement Obamacare’s individual or employer mandates: Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, and Virginia.

Pharmer recommends that people pressure their states to refuse to set up the insurance exchanges necessary to implement obamacare. The federal government did not allocate funds or any other means to set up the exchanges, and rely on cooperation from the states. Without this cooperation, Obamacare will essentially crash and burn.

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