Obama and Reggie Back from Florida

Obama deigned to say a few words to the press on his return from the Florida Golf Outing with the Boys, hence……

He made Headlines

drudge obama reggie love 2-19-13-560

Detail below….


drudge obama reggie love 2-19-detail


From the Weekly Standard

drudge obama reggie love weekly standard 2-19-13

Yes indeed, it appears that  Obama was vacationing with Reggie Love over the president’s day weekend.  


Per an article at Breitbart,  a former Bush Whitehouse spokesman believes that the press was cut off throughout most of Obama’s outing so that he might not appear out of touch with the circumstances of the rest of Americans.  Also he was supposedly not wanting to offend female supporters by making a public splash of his time spent with Tiger Woods on the golf course, (and Reggie Love),  instead of the expected vacation with his family, which was sent off to Colorado on a ski trip.

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  1. When things stink to high Heaven, perhaps Heaven will respond to quell the rotting odours coming up from the earth? Right on schedule? With current events and leaders running in perfect step with every crazy word written in Revelations, and it's all so very interesting. To those who read, watch, etc. Like most here. The rest are probably list gathering… but that's just my take.

  2. Obama is back from florida in quick succession. It is reformed and changed with the right and bright orientations. It is motivated and coined with the grounding of the stets. It is embedded and elevated. It is the subject matter of the skills and all motives.