Pill Cam: Possible Alternative to Colonoscopy FDA Approved

Despite the admission from Given Industries that it’s Pill Cam is not as efficient as the traditional colonoscopy with respect to image quality, the FDA has given it the go-ahead for use in the U.S.   The target market is to be those who cannot tolerate the usual hosing, or  fail the exam process, and perhaps those who absolutely refuse it.  This alternative has already been approved in other countries and is potentially much cheaper and less nasty than the colonoscopy procedure.

So, what would you rather do?  Swallow a pill…

Pill Cam by Given Imaging

Pill Cam by Given Imaging

Or be HOSED!

The hose that goes there

Extensive probings

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  1. This pill cam is the most incredible piece of technology that I have ever seen and I really never seen such thing before. I think that we should be using these types of technology in the field of medical.