Obama Celebrates Underpaid Women

Obama’s recently sold off Government Motors has a new CEO, Mary Barra, and because she’s a female, hiring her was a fiscally responsible thing to do.   As you know, the Obama administration has been hiring women at deep discounts at least since the time of his first presidential campaign. 

There has been a persistent rhetoric from Obama concerning the pay disparity between men and women, but  Government Motors Company has hired Ms. Barra at 48% of the salary which had been paid to departing Dan Akerson (who had no prior experience in the automotive field).  Barra’s total compensation is $4.4 million vs Akerson’s $9 million pay package.  Their base salaries are $1.6 million and $1.7 million respectively.

As an outside senior adviser, Akerson will continue to outpace the new CEO, with a compensation package of $4.68 million.

Pay  is said to be based on tenure and experience, but the 33 years spent by Ms. Barra at GM is not enough to compensate in this Obama-nation  for the fact that she has ovaries instead of testicles.

Apparently Barra’s prior total compensation package was $4.94 million when she was VP of global product development.  It seems that her “promotion” has actually gotten her a salary cut.


As is the case with so many other little details,  the Obama Regime had no inkling of this as they hosted CEO Mary Barra, a shining example of income disparity, while Obama decried the practice during State of the Union address.

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