Media Attempts to Redirect Class Hatred

A top crony media outlet is  telling us that 1700 millionaires are minted daily, and that the rich have gray hair.

Bloomberg attempts to refocus hate away from their political cronies and onto the elderly who saved up enough to put a retirement fund in the stock market. Investors got a bonus of up to 85 billion dollars monthly that the Fed pumped into Wall Street, starting in Dec 2008 and continuing throughout the  Obama administration. This quantitative easing has not stopped because the DONOR CLASS must be fed. But anyone who pumped a little money into a 401K for retirement could have benefited from this too.

Meanwhile the money was inflated for everyone, and therefore is worth less with each passing year, thereby shrinking the middle class and pushing them into the pool of the working and jobless poor. The wizards at Bloomberg don’t know why cutting taxes to corporations would help those at the bottom, because they don’t understand that all taxation of corporations is passed on to their customers. (Or maybe they just don’t want their readers to understand that.)  When the taxes are cut, the corporations are free to hire more people, and that cost replaces the spiraling  cost of taxes. But at least we get jobs and careers, and possible upward mobility out of it. But Bloomberg wants to target envy and hatred of people who saved money, rather than draw attention to the government policies which created the current misery for so many Americans.

It’s That Time Again!

Just in case you haven’t heard enough about the election:  Today there is still time to line up all of those local candidates and pick the least freaky ones. State candidates are pretty straightforward, and nationally, it’s a no-brainer.

Your’s truly is a run of the mill pro-lifer who liked Cruz the most and decided to settle for laughing-pig-trumpstyleTrump.  Trump has been in the public eye for decades and we all know what an oinker he could be.  But it seems that the media has made his life an open book, while concealing the incredible moral turpitude of the Clintons.   Those who haven’t been sifting through foreign and alternative media sources for decades have NO idea.  Hill and Bill make Donald look like a boy-scout.

Settling came early.  In the days before the Indiana primary, there was a weighing of the possibilities.  Knowing that the both media and the RNC would attack either candidate, Trump became the only logical choice.  He has mastered the media, taking advantage of their greed, and utilizing their Pavlovian hate responses to his advantage.  Cruz did not have that instinct.  Though this gurl is one of the Indiana residents who caused Cruz to suspend his primary campaign, a contribution was made directly for his effort to continue his senate career.

Trump did not disappoint.   He has continued to play the media, and provide an incredibly entertaining campaign for those of us who have come to disrespect the DNC-RNC-media complex.  Trump has shown himself to be friendly to those of us with religion, and with his choice of advisors, has demonstrated that he intends to allow us to live in accordance with our consciences. He has shown respect for the rule of law, and for those who have served in the military.  Despite his imperfections, Trump has put forth a  persistent and consistent message that he wants to give back to the country that made him rich.

In contrast, Hillary has persistently demonstrated that government positions are for her self enrichment.  She has been selling access to the U.S. government for decades.  Banks, large corporations and foreign governments have purchased her favors during her time in the senate, as secretary of state, and in anticipation of her being elected president.

Despite Mr Comey’s fear of Hillary, (and dropping her email investigation, for now), the FBI continues to investigate the Clinton Foundation, which is the major vehicle for selling access.

Hillary has clearly demonstrated that rape and sexual abuse are OK, as long as government funded abortion comes with it.  If she is elected, women will be further pressured  to accept a more sexually subservient role that is bound to have deleterious health consequences.

There is hope that enough Americans will still consider the well-being and autonomy of this nation to be above such things as a government check, government run health care, abortion under government direction, and euthanasia ordered from Washington DC.  With a crumbling economy, how long are the “freebies” going to last, anyway?

There is hope that enough Americans will decide to try one more time to resuscitate the American dream, and wrest governmental control from the corporatist, social engineers who pretend to know what’s best for us, while not having any real concern at all.

BREXIT……. Cause for Celebration.

After George Soros huffed, puffed and wheezed a threat to the global markets, UK citizens voted in favor of BREXIT!  They are rewarded with an extra special bonus as David Cameron has announced his intention to resign as prime minister.  Not even pounding rain and floods could keep the voters away.  Seventy two percent  turnout produced this miracle of UK independence from the European Union.  Markets are heaving and currency is fluctuating, but somehow the UK will make it through this new and welcome change.  Congratulations and happy Independence Day to the British people.

Happy Independence Day June 23, 2016
Happy Independence Day June 23, 2016

Web DUMPSTER: Merrill Lynch Spins the Joy of Non-Retirement

Your Friendly Pharmer has expected non-retirement for decades.  It was easy to observe that the concept of retirement would end along with the stupid idea of buying houses worth 4 or 5 times the annual income.

Throughout human history, people worked until very close to the time of death. The concept of retirement was an anomaly which has to come to an end.  Get used to it.

Investing with the Merrill Lynch becomes a questionable decision, given their effort to spin the fact that the retirement concept is a mirage for almost everyone, as a matter of choice or personal fulfillment. The so called “career break” corresponds to the time it takes for people to realize that they really could not financially sustain retirement.

Woudn’t it be better if investment advice could come from people who tell the truth?

Merrill Lynch spins  the hard fact that retirement is a mirage.
Merrill Lynch spins the hard fact that retirement is a mirage.


Environmental Impact of Family Breakdown

The Greenies have been orgasmic over the purported references to man made climate change in the Pope’s latest encyclical.  Without a direct and reliable translation in hand, one can’t be sure what is actually in that document, despite media “interpretations”.

One thing that is almost never mentioned, (and we’re not hearing it this week) is the destructive impact of Family Breakdown on the environment.
When each family splits and
occupies two dwellings instead of one,
runs two furnaces,
runs two air conditioners,
runs two hot water heaters,
buys double sets of household furniture and equipment,
shuttles the kids between parents on planes, trains, buses and automobiles,
generates double paperwork for legal matters and records
“Gaia” (mother earth) is crying out from the double assault.

When moms decide that their babies don’t need a real daddy, and the government will take his place,
the paperwork is monumental, and there is an exponential increase in tree death. Social service workers charge out in their Priuses to rescue the “at risk” children. This is not sustainable.

The Pope and other religious leaders are invited to directly address this topmost assault on the environment. There’s no need to subscribe to the false religion of man made climate change to espouse practical environmental stewardship.

Obama Celebrates Underpaid Women

Obama’s recently sold off Government Motors has a new CEO, Mary Barra, and because she’s a female, hiring her was a fiscally responsible thing to do.   As you know, the Obama administration has been hiring women at deep discounts at least since the time of his first presidential campaign. 

There has been a persistent rhetoric from Obama concerning the pay disparity between men and women, but  Government Motors Company has hired Ms. Barra at 48% of the salary which had been paid to departing Dan Akerson (who had no prior experience in the automotive field).  Barra’s total compensation is $4.4 million vs Akerson’s $9 million pay package.  Their base salaries are $1.6 million and $1.7 million respectively.

As an outside senior adviser, Akerson will continue to outpace the new CEO, with a compensation package of $4.68 million.

Pay  is said to be based on tenure and experience, but the 33 years spent by Ms. Barra at GM is not enough to compensate in this Obama-nation  for the fact that she has ovaries instead of testicles.

Apparently Barra’s prior total compensation package was $4.94 million when she was VP of global product development.  It seems that her “promotion” has actually gotten her a salary cut.


As is the case with so many other little details,  the Obama Regime had no inkling of this as they hosted CEO Mary Barra, a shining example of income disparity, while Obama decried the practice during State of the Union address.

Read: Elizabeth MacDonald at FOX business carves up the Obama Administration into smaller pieces with respect to this issue.

Third prominent banker found dead in six days

Third prominent banker found dead in six days | 2014-01-31 | HousingWire.

Inquiring minds want to know — has prominence as a banker become a job hazard in this crazy economy?

William Broeksmit, 58,recently retired executive at Deutsche Bank AG (DBK).  A Jan 26 police report says a 58 year old man was found hanging at a residence on the street where Broeksmit is known to have lived, and the death isn’t regarded as suspicious.

Gabriel Magee, JP Morgan’t technology VP, 39, fell from the 33 story skyscraper in Canary Wharf, and landed on the 9th story roof. His girlfriend had reported him as missing the prior evening. His time of death is estimated at 8am on Jan 28.

Economist Mike Dueker, 50, chief economist of Russell Investments apparently committed suicide by jumping off of a 50 ft embankment at a Highway 16 ramp to the Tacoma Narrows bridge in Washington. He was found on the morning of Jan 30.

Three big bankers in rapid succession……… seems to have the folks at the Housing Wire spooked.



Forward This to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Please.

Jason Ferrell at The Daily Reckoning has posted the basic plans for Momentum Machines new creation, the Burger Robot.   It can make about 400 hamburgers per hour, with meat freshly ground to customer specs, and using freshly sliced toppings.

Burger Robot by Millenium Machines
Burger Robot by Millenium Machines

If you don’t believe that fast food chains would automate this process….Jason tells us  that McDonald’s has purchased 7000 self checkout machines to test in their U.K. stores. The labor laws and wage mandates there have been such a huge inspiration to replace workers with machines.  There is no criticism for the inventors of Burger Robot, who are addressing necessity with inventiveness.  There is criticism of the social engineers of government and the Churches speeding up the robotic replacement of human workers faster than adaptation can occur, as evidenced by the unprecedented numbers of Americans who have left the work force.

Would the readers kindly forward this info in a polite manner to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops who have been  lobbying for an increase in the minimum wage.   Tweet it @USCCB using the tweeter below,  and maybe drop it on their Poverty USA facebook page.  

Another good thing to send to them is the relationship of increasing minimum wage to UNemployment. 

Mark Horne, at the Last Resistance, explains why raising the minimum wage will make his son UNemployed.


Income Inequality Grows Under Obama

The stock market has doubled in dollar value under Obama, with about 80 percent of that going to the top 10% of  income earners.  While Obama drones on about solving income inequality by stoking class envy against business owners, his cronies at the very top 1%  are raking in the dough. Last year they garnered another half trillion dollars, while the median income of American families dropped.  From 2009 to 2012, the top 1%of income earners snagged 95% of the total income gains.

Click HERE to watch the video and learn more.  Obama’s state of the union address, dealing with his desire to “fix” income inequality will seem all the more ridiculous after you see this.

Rich get Richer Under Obama
Rich get Richer Under Obama

Click SooperMexican explains that the expansion of income inequality seems to be a trend that occurs mainly under Democrat leadership in the White house.