Forward This to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Please.

Jason Ferrell at The Daily Reckoning has posted the basic plans for Momentum Machines new creation, the Burger Robot.   It can make about 400 hamburgers per hour, with meat freshly ground to customer specs, and using freshly sliced toppings.

Burger Robot by Millenium Machines
Burger Robot by Millenium Machines

If you don’t believe that fast food chains would automate this process….Jason tells us  that McDonald’s has purchased 7000 self checkout machines to test in their U.K. stores. The labor laws and wage mandates there have been such a huge inspiration to replace workers with machines.  There is no criticism for the inventors of Burger Robot, who are addressing necessity with inventiveness.  There is criticism of the social engineers of government and the Churches speeding up the robotic replacement of human workers faster than adaptation can occur, as evidenced by the unprecedented numbers of Americans who have left the work force.

Would the readers kindly forward this info in a polite manner to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops who have been  lobbying for an increase in the minimum wage.   Tweet it @USCCB using the tweeter below,  and maybe drop it on their Poverty USA facebook page.  

Another good thing to send to them is the relationship of increasing minimum wage to UNemployment. 

Mark Horne, at the Last Resistance, explains why raising the minimum wage will make his son UNemployed.


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  1. While messaging the USCCB, feel free to give a fraternal note that being loyal and orthodox with the One True Faith is their main job description…it works every time it's tried, so try to be good shepherds and lead the flock, not work to decimate it

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