Government Incompetence on Parade

FBI agents have been interviewing members of the Messianic Jewish Bible study group attended by Scott Roeder, the man who killed abortionist George Tiller in 2009. They have not yet wearied of looking for possible conspirators in the killing. Additionally, Roeder has been sentenced to life, with no possibility of parole for 50 years, thus establishing Tiller as more significant and important than ordinary humans.

Is such attention ever accorded to the women who have been murdered for refusing to get an abortion??

The government steadfastly ignored  the multitudinous threats to assassinate George W Bush, and supplications for help in this endeavor on the internet, as well as IRL. The movie on this topic is considered art. A chronicle of the most currently acceptable extremism exists at  Michelle Malkin’s site.  This acceptance  would not be the case for any  publications about assassinating an abortionist.

Portland, Oregon, U.S. capital of sex slavery, trudges on with its two vice cops.

The ongoing saga of the Delta smelt, and agricultural ruin in the San Joaquin valley, caused by our government is available HERE.  The previous dust bowl conditions leave the area more susceptible to mudslides from the current conditions of flooding.

The government might not have found Hillary leftie enough as Secretary of State, as it appears she may be stepping down.   Has Obama reached record turnover of his administration yet?

The TSA continues to fondle kids, the disabled and elderly who wish to fly the friendly skies, while skipping screenings for the population most associated with unwanted explosives, as well as those with the most opportunity for placing and transporting the devices.

The Cojones-Caliper – for measuring, that is.

44 – Palin: Obama lacks ‘the cojones’ to tackle immigration.

Plain spoken Palin draws fans  from among the real Americans with her blunt manner of self expression.

Sarah  is not the first one to have questioned the male endowment of the president. James Carville had suggested that Hillary surpassed Obama in this area, and Evan Bayh had referenced the praise for Hillary’s greater ‘testicular fortitude’ given by a steel worker’s union official in Indiana during the Democratic primaries in 2008.   Rush and crew are credited for uncovering those tidbits in a timely manner.  Rush  suggested  blaming  the apparent presidential problem on Rev. Jesse Jackson, who had expressed a desire to perform unauthorized surgery into a live microphone at FOX.

The male hormone output  of the president is  not impressive, and  evidence suggests that the incidental testosterone issued from the adrenals and ovaries  of  the Lady Conservatives is  much  greater.

We suspect that data obtained from vernier caliper measurements  would bring further evidence of the president’s meager endowment, but certainly have no interest in the work of acquisition.

Is there anyone with sufficient curiosity to review and research the correlation of gonad size and testosterone production?  The federal government has funded stranger studies 😉

While pondering the academic possibilities using federal STIMULUS, watch Sarah telling it like it is.

Hillary Kisses off Future Presidential Bid

Hillary announces the Obama administration lawsuit against Arizona regarding it’s immigration bill which mirrors the existing federal law, that is not being enforced.

Can Arizona sue the Obama administration for non-compliance with federal law?