Sen Richard Lugar, (R) Indiana: Doesn’t Live Here Anymore | The Daily Caller

Richard Lugar | Indiana Senator | Doesn’t Live Here Anymore | The Daily Caller.

Tea Partier Gary Wright had heard that Richard Lugar does not live in Indiana anymore……… for the past 30 years or so.

He decided to check for himself and found that Lugar is registered as an Indiana voter at the address of a house that he sold shortly after moving to Washington DC in 1977.  His driver’s license says that they still live at the 3200 Highwoods Court, Indianapolis  address  (where Betsy Hughes lives and occasionally receives Lugar’s mail).   No one is bothering to  turn over the rocks on this fraud.

Supposedly the Indiana Constitution does not require Lugar to live in Indiana in order to be a senator from here.  However one wonders what benefits Lugar has obtained from Indiana while a non-resident for the last 30 years.    Other elected officials have been put through the mill on this basis.

Remember…. Lugar also thinks that Kathleen Sebelius is a good choice for head of the Dept. of Health and Human Services.   Her Dept is the one threatening Indiana’s Medicare/Medcaid funding because we cut off Planned Parenthood’s tax funding.

Indiana Teachers Union Rally

There is no disguising this monochrome teachers’ union problem.

The Union teachers don’t like competition from Charter schools such as the Charles A. Tindley School providing options for students, and a great  push for minority students due to its location.

Scroll down to yesterday’s “FIXING THE SCHOOLS, post  and ask yourself why the Union has a problem with this??

In Indianapolis, 28.4% of the population is comprised of Blacks.   It is also noted that most  have moved outside of the IPS public school district to suburban areas.   This Teachers’ Union rally does not look normal.    Pharmer suspects that  the charter school teachers know their enemy.

Indiana State House Dems Run Away

Exodus: Dems trigger Statehouse showdown | The Indianapolis Star |

Faced with a similar type of choice as their counterparts in Wisconsin, to serve their Union Bosses or to serve the interests of the people,  the Indiana House Dems have turned tail and run. This has stopped legislative functions in the Indiana House which requires a quorum of two thirds to function.

There is an obvious problem with collective bargaining in public service functions, which has come to include  coercing union membership, and threatening those who oppose their agenda with violence.

Those who claim to serve the public, and take tax payer dollars for doing so, have an obligation to remain on the job.  Public service unions have repeatedly violated our trust, most egregiously in the area of education, and most famously  walking off the job and failing to provide essential services, as in New York, during the ice storm,  and using fraudulent physician signed sick excuses, and co-opting their students for protests as in Wisconsin.

Bakery Turns Down Participation in Gay Activism, Might Be Evicted

Bakery displays morals, now faces eviction

Pharmer, an Indiana resident, has long known that Indianapolis has gone leftie  (down the tubes) in many different respects.

There’s a backlash  against an Indy bakery for refusing a special order from a gay activist group to make rainbow cookies to celebrate National coming out day at the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis campus.

David Stockton, who deserves your mail-order business, turned down the job, saying that he didn’t feel comfortable supporting the gay cause because of the example it might give to his two daughters.

There has been a push to use an anti-discrimination law to have Stockton’s business,  Just Cookies,  evicted from his long -held location.

Don Surber,  blogging at the Daily Mail says it best: “It is None of the City’s Business.”

Just Cookies, 222 E Market St. #43, Indianapolis, IN 46204-3374, Phone 317-634-4456.

If you want professionally made cookies,  bring your business to  the Stocktons.    Maybe they’ll make enough to  move out of the city, and  start up a big, booming, mail order business.  Indy doesn’t need their tax money anyway.