Indiana State House Dems Run Away

Exodus: Dems trigger Statehouse showdown | The Indianapolis Star |

Faced with a similar type of choice as their counterparts in Wisconsin, to serve their Union Bosses or to serve the interests of the people,  the Indiana House Dems have turned tail and run. This has stopped legislative functions in the Indiana House which requires a quorum of two thirds to function.

There is an obvious problem with collective bargaining in public service functions, which has come to include  coercing union membership, and threatening those who oppose their agenda with violence.

Those who claim to serve the public, and take tax payer dollars for doing so, have an obligation to remain on the job.  Public service unions have repeatedly violated our trust, most egregiously in the area of education, and most famously  walking off the job and failing to provide essential services, as in New York, during the ice storm,  and using fraudulent physician signed sick excuses, and co-opting their students for protests as in Wisconsin.