Mitch Daniels Appointee, Indiana Supreme Court Justice Steven David rules contrary to 4th Amendment

……. and also  contrary to common law dating back to the Magna Carta.

“Indiana Supreme Court: Police Can Unlawfully Enter A Home…No Warrant, With No Reason At All…Residents Cannot Lawfully Resist…The Fourth Amendment Under Seige” | PEOPLEUNLIKEUS.

YES, Justice Steven David is a Mitch Daniels Appointee.    Pharmer Triple Checked in order to  be certain.

This will not help Mitch Daniels in his bid to win Republican Nomination for the presidency.

Justice David is due  for a retention vote in 2012.   A judicial appointee is subjected to a retention election within two years,  the decision being made by the citizenry.  He may then serve  a term of 10 years.   It will be our job in Indiana to remove this ridiculous judge, and his compatriots Frank Sullivan (term expires 2013), and Randall Shepard  (term expires 2015).

This abominable judicial decision, penned by Justice Steven David, can be accessed below.  David has concluded that the potential violence of resisting unlawful search and arrest can be avoided by not resisting, and placing oneself in the hands of the offender.  Women are  placed in the greatest danger by this decision, as rapists will suit up in their police costumes; (they are out shopping right now);  and get BUSY.  The wording of the dissenting opinion suggests an understanding of this.

Indiana Supreme Court Ruling <- – click and Read this please.

Justices Robert Rucker and Brent Dickson,  are to be credited for their dissent  (penned by Justice Rucker).

extra**  Judicial Precedent regarding right to defend against unlawful arrest.

Indiana State House Dems Run Away

Exodus: Dems trigger Statehouse showdown | The Indianapolis Star |

Faced with a similar type of choice as their counterparts in Wisconsin, to serve their Union Bosses or to serve the interests of the people,  the Indiana House Dems have turned tail and run. This has stopped legislative functions in the Indiana House which requires a quorum of two thirds to function.

There is an obvious problem with collective bargaining in public service functions, which has come to include  coercing union membership, and threatening those who oppose their agenda with violence.

Those who claim to serve the public, and take tax payer dollars for doing so, have an obligation to remain on the job.  Public service unions have repeatedly violated our trust, most egregiously in the area of education, and most famously  walking off the job and failing to provide essential services, as in New York, during the ice storm,  and using fraudulent physician signed sick excuses, and co-opting their students for protests as in Wisconsin.

Insiders: Romney Is Top GOP 2012 Contender, Daniels Second – Hotline On Call

Insiders: Romney Is Top GOP 2012 Contender, Daniels Second – Hotline On Call.

Check out the lists at the above article, and notice that the insider Republican list corresponds very closely with that of the “Enemies” (Democrats).

This tells Pharmer that Insiders R NOT US.

Mitch Daniels is somewhat a fiscal conservative (but not totally) and could not be called a social conservative. Many Indiana “Republicans” are more liberal than the local Democrats.