Record Breaking Crowds at March for Life 2013, Washington DC

‘March for Life’ rally protests abortion in Washington, DC (PHOTOS) | GlobalPost.

Hundreds of thousands gathered in the nation’s Capitol on the 40th anniversary of the Roe V Wade disaster, to protest abortion, and attend numerous educational events for pro-life activists.  Jeanne Monahan, leading the March organizers, was expecting more than the 400,000 who showed up last year, because their reserved hotel blocks sold out a month earlier this time. reports that expectations were met with more than a half million attending the rally this year, including a record breaking number from Catholic colleges from around the country.

Meanwhile, the Duggar family, which is large enough to hold protests without outside assistance, has launched a new pro-life website, offering resources to those interested in ending abortion.   It’s debut was timed to coincide with the March for Life yesterday.  Take a look HERE.     A permanent link is on the sidebar.

Stand Up for Religious Freedom

Stand Up for Religious Freedom.

What are you doing on Friday?   Are you off work?   Look up the list of cities at the above link and show up for the nationwide rallies against Obama’s  birthcontrol-abortion-sterilization HHS  mandate.  They occur in each city at noon, local time, June 8, 2012.

Be assured that the media will ignore your efforts, but you might be uplifted in the presence of other like minded individuals who oppose Obama’s attack on religious freedom.

Wis. Gov. Walker calls Democrat boycott a ‘stunt’ – Yahoo! News

Wis. Gov. Walker calls Democrat boycott a ‘stunt’ – Yahoo! News.

The story behind the story is that teachers took their students out of class for this event to support teachers unions, and many of the students had no clue why they were there. Meanwhile, Democrat legislators left the state in order to delay voting on the bill.

Since we can no longer have people who make less than union workers, supporting the retirement plans for union workers, in addition to their social security,  there will need to be reform. This will happen without the democrats who were bought and paid for by unions.

The Union retirement plans are going bankrupt.   The working people of America cannot afford to support plush early retirements.

Watch the Tea Party driving legislators back into Wisconsin.

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Stewart Rally vs Beck Rally to scale.

Found at Gateway Pundit, posted by keypro at American Spectator.  These side by side photos of the Beck Rally and Stewart rally, with a scale map at the bottom, can overcome any garbage you might hear about their relative sizes from the media. Click on the photo to see the large version.

Update 10-31 5:34 pm….   a little note that filming at ground zero of the rally was  to be strictly prohibited without a media pass, according to the email exchange between the planners and PJTV.

Who Would You Rather Have Living In Your Neighborhood?

August 28 vs Oct 2, the aftermath in Washington DC at the exit of a huge crowd of teapartiers and supporters of the military, compared to that at the exit of the “One Nation” democrat socialists.

Who would you want living next to you, a nice teapartier, or one of these environmentally conscious Democrats?
Need a little more convincing?
OK, here you are.

After the Obama Inauguration: SHOVEL-READY!

After the 9-12 teaparty:

Head on over to NewsBusters to check out the overhead crowd shots of the Glen Beck Rally Vs the One Nation of socialists Rally.
That’ll give you some serious perspective when comparing the aftermath shots.