Stewart Rally vs Beck Rally to scale.

Found at Gateway Pundit, posted by keypro at American Spectator.  These side by side photos of the Beck Rally and Stewart rally, with a scale map at the bottom, can overcome any garbage you might hear about their relative sizes from the media. Click on the photo to see the large version.

Update 10-31 5:34 pm….   a little note that filming at ground zero of the rally was  to be strictly prohibited without a media pass, according to the email exchange between the planners and PJTV.

13 thoughts on “Stewart Rally vs Beck Rally to scale.

  1. How do we know?

    Look at the jumbotron that’s in place of the stage. See the close-up of what looks to be a woman’s face? Yeah. That ain’t the Rally, although I’m not sure whose it is. The Sanity Rally had a stage with musicians.

    (I’ll also note that someone figured it out, and has been circulating a poorly doctored photo to copy/paste the stage over the jumbotron. But it’s a bad PS job, and it’s so highly pixelated that it looks like an 8-bit graphic – intentionally.)

    Copying an actual image of the rally from CBS’s article (I’ll attest to it because I was there, and it matches what I saw):

    There’s even video during the first hour with Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman essentially warming the crowd up, where they did long shots towards the Washington Monument. You get a serious idea of just how packed the Mall was with that as well. I personally saw jam-packed bodies from the stage to the Monument (with intentional clearing around the monument itself because hey, it’s the freakin’ Monument). Other rallygoers said the crowds continued all the way to the Lincoln Memorial, but I didn’t see this myself, and I’ve yet to find an online source for the picture.

    I have no idea how many people were there. I CAN tell you that it was crazy-packed on the Mall itself from wherever the stage was (prolly on the west side of 4th Street SW? Not sure), most definitely at 7th; all the way to 14th Street NW with some thinning by the monument. However, the crowds also went around the Monument, and extended on the north side of the Mall about 1-2 blocks of heavy crowding, with thinning out by the 3rd block to where you didn’t feel packed.

    Look. Right, left, I don’t give a toss. I’m a photographer. I just hate seeing BS thrown up as accurate. This isn’t about measuring whose ePeenie rally had the more people. This is about “Hey, your image for the Stewart Rally? That ain’t the rally. Try again.”

  2. You are not a photographer, or you would have noticed the same stage in the keynote picture as is in the CBS picture you linked, and the exact same features all around it.

    Also, you posted 2 minutes after I utilized keynote's picture on this blog, which is fairly new in this location and of minor size. This means you are copy pasting your lie everywhere, and monitoring the use of his picture.

    Get a real job, media garbage man.

  3. 1. Eyeballs matter. That stage you posted is a screen of a woman's face. I don't know what rally it is. Ain't the Stewart rally, their stage is noticeably different.

    2. Actually, I posted my commentary on GP's site originally, refreshed, then saw you posted yours to disseminate, so yes, I copy/pasted what I just wrote from there to here. What does that mean? It means I hate seeing a mistruth propagated.

    Just do everyone a favor and reference a real pic of the rally. Hate the rally all you want, but hate it for real reasons, son.

  4. Lemme make this easy for you, btw. Look, VIDEO. You can't fux up the photoshops with tee vee. 🙂

    Go to around 1m42s to see a long shot from the rally stage towards the Monument. There's plenty of shots after that, but this is the first one. There were a few telephoto shots of the crowd near the Monument base, where it gets sparse before it, but wraps around on either side. Like I said earlier, I haven't seen anything of the west side of the Monument yet, but would love to if it's out there somewhere.

    Stay classy, Pharmer.


    Media Garbage Man

  5. Laughing….. got me a boot hugger today.

    The story of going to a well traveled blog like Gateway pundit, posting your message (not the top one) "refreshing" to my blog, which you've never seen before, and cut pasting (not the same post) to this one within two minutes or less of my publishing is amusing. You shot your story and credibility by responding within two seconds at this blog, as most blog responses do not occur at this site.

    Cry yourself a river that the mobile features of this photo match the CBS one, which is truncated at the same edge this photo purports.

    The producers are tired of media downsizing us, and upsizing the minority of parasites who want to feed on us.

    Quit referring to middle aged females as your son. You're confused in all of your cerebral functions, but this is ridiculous.

    Find some leftists to lap up your story.

  6. Sorry about the gender confusion. You come across as a rude male.

    But seriously: After I posted my bit on GP (of which I was tipped to from a post @ CBS's site), I refreshed (because I was curious to see what the responses would be), and then I saw your link advertising it at the bottom. Figured I'd spread a bit of intel your way too.

    I know you think I'm part of a mad scheme to debunk you, but read the above, and seriously, just accept it. I have zero reason to lie to you about it.

    Let me ask this seriously. On the image that I'm calling fake: Looking at the jumbotron of the woman's face (which, to me, looks like a bust shot, i.e., shot of head and torso), do you honestly think that was at Stewart's rally?

    That's what has me in a big ol' hoo-hah over the picture. It seems seriously obvious to me, but people who want to decry this pic as being real are ignoring that bit of fact right there.

    So, please answer my question. Do you think that jumbotron in the pic on the right, with the woman's face, was honestly there in place of Stewart's stage?

  7. Show the page which displayed my link to you.

    Readers, we are talking about a time difference of between one and two minutes between my original post, and this person's first reply.

    In the plastic elastic leftie time warp, a good deal of information exchange occurred in that tiny time frame, with human interface to slow it down.

    Don't you want to know how this person really found my brand new post and wrote or pasted a reply in less than two minutes?

  8. "Show the page which displayed my link to you."


    Search for the phrase, "Stewart Rally vs Beck Rally to scale. « Down on the Pharm".

    I'd just written a big blurb (which I pasted here) 10 minutes previously, search on "That was 'shopped." I posted that, frankly I went for a bio break, came back, refreshed, and saw your link at the very bottom, just copy/pasting the image like it was fact. So, I chimed in on yours too. I have no disagreement that was a few minutes, yes. It's my first reply here, because I'd have never have found your page without your post on GP's thread.

    Readers, it's that simple. Release the fear and panic and engage in rational evaluation based on facts.

    Cheers, off to give candy to kids. Happy Halloween, Pharmer.

  9. (And seriously, I do this because I despise basing hatred and anger on lies. I never once told you to not be angry, not to hate Obama or Democrats or puppies or whatever. I'm just trying to get you to be angry about real facts. The pic isn't real fact. That was always my point.)

  10. I did not post anything on GP thread. Can you guess how the link appeared there?

    Can you guess which large rally appeared in the same location, at the same time of the year?

    It's the fall colors and partial undress of the deciduous trees. They match. The pics of keypro were elongated in the process of putting them side by side, and the CBS pic is taken at a different time of day.

    There is a stage in the front center keypro's pic, and seeing a human image there would require the use of hallucinogens.

  11. You asked how I found your site. I think I explained it as pretty straightforward as I could. I assumed it was you who posted to that thread. Maybe you have a stalker that watches every post you make, then mirrors it immediately? I have no idea. It's simpler to just assume you did it.

    Leaving now. Take care. It's been an interesting day with you.

  12. The "Press this" function of WordPress automatically plants a link at a blog which quoted or featured on that very same blog. It's used to automatically credit them as the source, and it rapidly helps their info to go viral, which is what they generally want.

    It registers in their comment section, in the comment count, in their dashboard of wordpress, and in their email if they choose that.

    Obviously the gateway pundit is using the wordpress blog program, and it registered my activity automatically.

    The seasonal match of the rally site shown in the keynote and cbs pictures has caused the boothugger to unclasp. That person is not sufficiently energetic to create a story to explain that both pics show the exact same stage of fall, under the same conditions.

    Know who the leftist looks up to, and how he thinks.

    “To mortify and even to injure an opponent, reproach him with the very defect or vice you feel in yourself”

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