Leftie Caught Up in Gun Restrictions Which He Advocates?

Cops told NBC not to use gun clip – Katie Glueck – POLITICO.com.

David Gregory displayed a large capacity gun magazine on his NBC Meet the Press show this past Sunday.  It appears that he has violated Washington DC gun regulations which “ban” such equipment.  NBC is said to have contacted DC police before the show, and were told that it was not permissible to have such a magazine for display on the show.

Thinking themselves above the local laws,  the NBC leftists defied this directive from the police.  Officer Araz Alali told the Politico that they’re investigating the matter.

Don’t hold your breath in expectation of the Washington DC law being applied to their pet leftists.

Cops: LGBT Volunteer Shoots Family Research Council’s Security Guard

Cops: LGBT volunteer shoots conservative group's guard – CBS News.

Floyd Corkins II has been arrested for the shooting of a security guard in the lobby of the Family Research Council, a socially conservative group based in Washington DC.

Corkins has been a volunteer at the LGBT Community Center in Washington DC for about a half year. Apparently the FRC’s stance on gay marriage, and in support of Chick-fil-A had served as an irritant to the shooter, although his motive is officially said to be unknown.

The security guard, who has been called a hero by the D.C. police chief, has been hospitalized, in stable condition. He had been shot in the arm when he stopped the gunman in the lobby. He then wrestled the suspect to the ground. The FBI is said to be investigating the incident.

More Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Bill to Ease Access to Birth Control Introduced | NBC Washington.

Washington DC is pondering over the counter access for birth control pills, other than Plan B.

Pharmacists would dispense them without a prescription, circumventing the need by women to see a physician and have regular exams while on the pill.

This means that more STDs will go undiagnosed until they progress to the more life threatening  pelvic inflammatory disease, and/or cause sterility.

The safety and well being of female patients is not the issue.

EASY ACCESS is the priority.

Let Abortionist James Pendergraft Show you WHY the FDA Approved Ella, Ulipristal Acetate.

Unlicensed abortionist operating secret ‘lethal injection’ abortion facility in DC: watchdog group | LifeSiteNews.com.

Abortionist James S Pendergraft injected toxic doses of meds into the hearts of fetuses in utero, and told their moms to finish up the job at a legitimate hospital, or other facility.  This way the abortion would be counted as a fetal demise, miscarraige, etc., and the mom would avoid the abortion stigma as well as much of the cost.

Ella, (ulipristal acetate) was put on to the market as a morning after pill, but the abortionists will be doing a similar thing with this drug, using it off label, and in increased doses, to cause fetal demise.

It’s another abortion pill, but without the regulatory controls applied to mifepristone,  ru486, it’s chemical analog.

For the time being,  Pendergraft is in hot water for practicing with a suspended license in Washington DC.

As Promised MORE VIDEO: Live Action Nails Virginia Planned Parenthood

More help is supplied to a Pimp in managing his underage (14 and 15 yo) sex slaves.

Judicial bypass or travel to Washington DC are given as possibilities for getting around Virginia parental consent laws. IUDs and Nuvaring are suggested for the young girls who could not remember to take a pill every day.

Here is the full footage video used to make the above short version.

Stewart Rally vs Beck Rally to scale.

Found at Gateway Pundit, posted by keypro at American Spectator.  These side by side photos of the Beck Rally and Stewart rally, with a scale map at the bottom, can overcome any garbage you might hear about their relative sizes from the media. Click on the photo to see the large version.

Update 10-31 5:34 pm….   a little note that filming at ground zero of the rally was  to be strictly prohibited without a media pass, according to the email exchange between the planners and PJTV.

HIV testing at the DMV and Abortion drugs at the Discount Store.

D.C. brings HIV testing to the crowd at the DMV.

Washington DC, the HIV capital of the United states wants everyone to know that HIV testing is just a routine thing… conveniently available at the Dept of Motor Vehicles.  You can get an HIV test with your license renewal.

The FDA wanted people to be able to obtain abortion drugs, (ulipristal acetate, ELLA) an analog of RU486, mifepristone, at the discount store pharmacy.

Wouldn’t want people to drive out of their way to address these mattters.

In some states  Washington, for example, a student can be driven after school for an abortion, by a school official.  No parental consent or signature is needed for that extra curricular activity.

The highest value of our governments-gone-wrong is convenience

D.C. mayoral challenger Alexander says fixing families is key – Washington Times

D.C. mayoral challenger Alexander says fixing families is key – Washington Times.

Meet Leo Alexander, candidate number three in the Washington  D C mayoral election.  He says that  his city has taken on third world demographics and places blame squarely on  the break up of the family.

He decries the war on poverty that created welfare queens, but also opposes the mandatory minimum sentences and three strikes as political agendas.   He is also against the amnesty for illegal immigrants and is pushing a self help solution for Black people.

It would be interesting to hear his thoughts on the federal funding for abortions in Washington DC,  favored  by Dick Durban because the population is preponderantly Black.