Washington, a Pedophile’s Playground

Mother furious after in-school clinic sets up daughter’s abortion.

In Washington  child of any age can consent to an  abortion.  And if she doesn’t tell her family, the initial  procedure is free.

Therefore perverts  can go as young as they  want in this state, and make the girl abort the baby.    Washington, therefore appears to be designed as an absolute playground in the U.S. for guys who want to have sex with little girls.

Find here the age of consent for sex in Washington. Note that it does not jibe with the lack of age limit for consent to abort.

However it seems that if  the  little victim can be taken for  an abortion, the age of consent for sex would not matter very much.

The Coalition of  Positive Sexuality has an information page for perverts  (the fingercot set who are still waiting for the new hotshots condoms) to determine which states to drag their underage  victims  for abortions.   It excitedly lists the states which require no parental consent for this decision to kill their unborn kids.

Bet on this page getting an extra spike of hits from the sickos that the search engines drag in.

Meanwhile, for the normal people left in Washington, how are the homeschool laws,  now that you KNOW your daughter’s school can drag her to the clinic for an abortion without your consent?

Oh, and do remember,  if the abortion is botched,  guess-who covers the cost of the extremely expensive aftermath in the hospital,  whether or not one of the the victims survive.

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