The SEC Fraud Charges against Goldman Sachs- a Charade

Goldman’s White House connections raise eyebrows | McClatchy.

Even the leftie media is starting to get on board with an understanding about the Obama administration’s side show.

There’s a need to push the current legislation  to regulate  (dismantle and destroy) Wall street.

Crew Obama bought Google ads last week in time for the announcement by the SEC that it was going after Goldman Sachs.  It appears for now that the ads  have disappeared, due to the ad budget being drained from  the huge number of clicks generated by the right wing media attention.

The link above features the multiple visits by the CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, to the Whitehouse during the time that the SEC investigation  was brewing.

And if you scroll down on this site, You’ll see a partial list of personnel who migrated from Goldman Sachs to Obama’s administration.

Oh yes……  Press secretary Gates sees no reason for Obama to return the almost 1 million dollars he obtained from the Goldmans and its employees  during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Yep, its a joke.   Forget this sideshow and focus on the disaster of the government regulating Wall Street and the banks to death.


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