Get religion

Here’s the big news flash from the psychologists at University of Miami.

It’s fun for religious people to be studied for the obvious. Yes, we do it better, and some head-shrinks have gotten themselves paid for noticing.

Ya, we live longer, are happier, are healthier, give more love, get more love,
even get more sex.


You reap what you sow, ya know……

Palin’s Grandson

One way to announce the Birth of Sarah Palin’s grandson is to present the evolution of the AP coverage of this blessed event.

Courtesy of Warner Todd Huston of News Busters
, we get to see how the Associated Press thought to cover the story, first by telling us how Bristol’s pregnancy caused Mom’s campaign to “go downhill”. Then they modified this story by speaking of “dark clouds” over the campaign, as a result of Bristol being pregnant before marriage.

Finally the AP put an end to all the liberal Judgment of Bristol’s unplanned pregnancy with this final modification: “ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has given birth to a son, a magazine reported Monday.”

Way to go, AP!!!

Congrat’s to Bristol and daddy Levi Johnston on the birth of Tripp. Over here in “flyover country” we’re glad that you decided to have your baby and raise him, rather than getting an abortion, as so many do these days. Prayers for you -and best wishes to you in your endeavors.

Holocaust isn’t for Oprah to cover

How about leaving the Holocaust for serious historians to dig up and illuminate ?

Oprah, who invited the purveyor of a touching holocaust story on her show, praised his story as “the single greatest love story … we’ve ever told on air”. The only problem is that this story, set to be published by Penguin books, and made into a film, is a fraud.

Our current crop of media fluff peddlers can’t get it right, so they need to leave it alone. Puhleeeze Oprah, stick to your diet, and cover addictive behaviors or something.

While we’re at it, the mainstream media needs to stay out of science reporting too. They’re pathetic in that area also.

Biofuel from LIPOSUCTIONS!

This is the ultimate in recycling. Dr. Craig Alan Bittner of Beverly Hills, CA wins first prize for fueling his car with biodiesel made from human fat.

The enterprising plastic surgeon had totally gone green by using the fat obtained from his patients to produce fuel. Unfortunately (and wouldn’t it figure), California has a law against using human medical waste as fuel. Also, it appears that Dr. Bittner was a bit overenthusiastic in removing adipose tissue from some patients, leaving them unsatisfied with results, which were deemed physically disfiguring.

So, while it took many years to close down the abortion facilities of the non licensed practitioner, Bertha Bugarin, the action against Dr. Bittner proceeded much more quickly, and it seems that he has exited the country.

Woman delivers twins in the street -Windsor Canada

This case might not be directly attributable to the socialized medicine system in Canada, though it is likely that the patient’s failure to access mental health services might be indirectly related.

On a snowy Christmas eve in Windsor Canada, a bloodied woman was seen by two police officers clutching a baby to herself. While ambulances were arriving, the woman gave birth to a second child as she stood screaming.

The woman and children received treatment at Windsor Regional Hospital. One of the twins was in serious condition while the mother and the other twin were listed in good condition.