Catholic Health Association and Planned Parenthood

Sister Carol Keehan, DC
President and CEO
Catholic Health Association

Dear Sister Carol Keehan,

Below is an excerpt from an admittedly prolife biased news source.

by Steven Ertelt Editor
December 10
, 2008

“Pro-life advocates know Obama has chosen another abortion activist for a key position when Planned Parenthood issues a press release saying it is “excited” about the pick.

“We also applaud the appointment of Jeanne Lambrew,” the abortion business said in a statement obtained. “She is one of the leading health policy experts in the country, and someone who is an advocate for” abortion.

Planned Parenthood said Lambrew will make a good team with pro-abortion former Sen. Tom Daschle, who Obama selected as his Health and Human Services Secretary.

“We are confident that President-elect Barack Obama, incoming HHS Secretary Daschle, and Jeanne Lambrew will represent an administration committed to ensuring women’s access to” abortion, the group said.

“Planned Parenthood is excited about the opportunity of having true partners in the White House and HHS,” it added.”

It seems that you also share excitement for the appointment of Tom Daschle as HHS secretary, and Jeanne Lambrew as deputy director of a newly created White house office for health care reform as stated on the Catholic Health Alliance website :

It’s not looking good for you to be publicly represented as having alignment with Planned Parenthood regarding Obama’s selection of people to oversee U.S. health care policy.

This is the link to the actual Cecile Richards statement showing excitement for the same two Obama choices which your statement

Here is a google search which, on Dec 17, showed the already considerable linkage between your statement and that of Planned Parenthood.

You might wish to address this public relations problem. I don’t imagine that there can be much said to sway personal views IF they are really as stated in the CHA statement. However it might be useful to ask you to consider that many bishops are speaking of closing portions of Catholic health care facilities if Obama’s FOCA is passed. Alternatively, if the Bishops lack such fortitude in leading us to follow Catholic teaching on Life issues, there is the consideration that large funding sources to the Catholic health care facilities will dry up if donors discover that health care professionals within the Catholic institutions are no longer able to practice in a way that shows respect for human life, and that patients cannot rely on such respect.

There has been considerable disparity between what actually happens at some Catholic health care institutions, and Catholic teaching on the sanctity of life. I don’t think it’s good PR, however, to blur the overall distinction between Catholic health care and Planned Parenthood itself.

God Bless!

Google edits the searches

We’ve all known this for a good while. It became really obvious to pro-life people YEARS ago.. But Google is admitting that its staff edits the searches and proposes some alternative mechanisms by which the items can be selected for washing from the Google-land.

Do recall the two articles washed from Google cache, which describe the meeting between Obama and Blagojevich. If you haven’t seen them, just scroll down a few posts from here and follow the links to where the very sharp eyed Bizzy blogster is storing them.

Dinesh D’Sousa says Peter Singer is on the Run

You probably remember the infamous Australian import, Peter Singer, “bioethicist” of Princeton University. He’s famous for his views that killing kids up to three years old, is OK, if they’re not found to be suitable.

D’Sousa has been engaging in public debate with Singer, and reports that Singer is refusing to defend these views and their relationship to denying the existence of the Creator. Check it out here. Maybe Singer’s getting old and tired. I do recall that Singer was quite unwilling to remove his own mother from this earthly existence when she became disabled.

If that link stops working, maybe backclick it, save link location, cut and paste in your browser and try to correct the spelling of Singers name in the link. I know they’re going to get around to that. It’s messed up as “Signer” in the headline and the link, at this time.

Palin’s Church Burned by Arsonist

An estimated 1 million dollars of damage was done to the Wasilla Bible Church by an arsonist on Friday night (Dec 12). A small group of people were inside during the attack, but all escaped without injury.

Pastor Larry Kroon would not comment concerning any possible threats, however the congregation has received an expression of regret from Sarah Palin concerning the possibility that negative media coverage stemming from her campaign might have brought on the attack.

Check here for a slide show of the church.

This article seems to draw an association between the attack on Palin’s church and the political incorrectness of suggesting that homosexuality is a painful condition that possibly can be alleviated through faith based means.

We should anticipate more of this. In the current climate of intolerance for religion, it is expected that churches will be burned with relative impunity.

Yes Obama met with Blagojevich

When there are photos and news reports of meetings already stored on the internet, it is a bad idea to deny that a meeting took place. Someone needs to whisper this in Obama’s ear.

So, while you still can, look here for the “before story” and here for the “after story” of Obama meeting with Blagojevich to discuss his senate replacement. The media and search engines have apparently been scrubbing away these records. Congratulations to Bizzyblogger, Tom Blumer for a job well done.

Anh Joseph Cao, Rep LA congressman

Here’s a notable election result, since Louisiana is undergoing such transformations in cleaning up its political scene.

Democrat congressman, William Jefferson, of the cold, hard cash, (bribery money stored in the freezer) was replaced by Anh Joseph Cao in an unlikely upset. Cao is a lawyer, representing members of the largely immigrant community in the eastern part of New Orleans. This is a tight knit group which has become a model for rebuilding efforts after the hurricanes.

Mr. Cao immigrated to the U.S., at age 8, as a refugee after the fall of Saigon in 1975. He was educated in Philosophy at Fordham University, and later obtained a degree in law. He and his wife, Kate Hieu Hoang, have 2 daughters, Sophia and Betsy.

Cao is a member of the strong Vietnamese Catholic Church in his community. Not unexpectedly, Mr. Cao characterizes himself as a political moderate, with the exception of a firm policy against abortion.


If any of you oldsters thought that Lt. Commander Data of Star Trek the Next Generation was weird……. Le Trung, of Canada has his very own robotic girlfriend named Aiko. He thinks she’s the perfect woman. She never complains and she works almost 24 hours a day. Aiko is Le Trung’s very own invention. This guy started early, designing his first robot at age 8. His latest model, is fairly life-like, touch sensitive, with an extensive vocabulary and ability to keep books.

By the way, the name Aiko means love, with the diminutive “child” ending that you see attached to a lot of female Japanese names. This robot is a love machine, though her inventor did not design her for sex. If you touch her the wrong way, she’ll slap you.

Apparently Aiko doesn’t fool around.

Gov. Rod Blagojevich is going DOWN!!!

I do remember predicting lawsuits for Rod Blagojevich due to his very strong stand against the conscience rights of medical professionals. Many of those lawsuits are still in progress, and I suppose that the Governor will have plenty of time to spend with the good attorneys, giving depositions relevant to these cases, while he’s in prison. Perhaps in the coming years, the visits from these lawyers will allow him to recall formerly having authority and words that people wanted to hear.

On to the reasons for Blagojevich circling the drain:
In a nutshell, the Feds have him for conspiring to SELL OBAMA’s Senate Seat!!! Yessir! A federal judge had been given reason enough to allow FBI wiretapping of the Governors dealings, and this effort yielded bountiful incriminating evidence directly implicating the governor in attempting to obtain financial gain from his authority to choose the next senator from Illinois.

In addition, there have been illegal maneuverings against the Tribune company, (threat to block financial backing which would allow the company to ‘sell’ the Cubs and Wrigley field) in an attempt to alter the Tribune’s editorial board. The ‘financial backing’ was sort of a scheme with the Illinois Finance Authority to save the struggling Tribune Corporation a good deal of tax expenditures. Blagojevich wished to tie the state assistance to an agreement from the Tribune to fire editors who had been critical of him.

Back to the predictions department. Rezko has to be singing for reduced time in the slammer.
(There has been a Grand Jury subpoena served up to the Mutual bank concerning Obama’s land deal with Rezko.)

Now Blagojevich will sing. Many of these songs will be about Obama, another member of the Chicago Cartel, otherwise thought of as government in the state of Illinois. I believe that Obama will be the next Democrat presidential Impeachment, if the courts do not disqualify him for failure to prove himself a natural born citizen of the U.S.