Dinesh D’Sousa says Peter Singer is on the Run

You probably remember the infamous Australian import, Peter Singer, “bioethicist” of Princeton University. He’s famous for his views that killing kids up to three years old, is OK, if they’re not found to be suitable.

D’Sousa has been engaging in public debate with Singer, and reports that Singer is refusing to defend these views and their relationship to denying the existence of the Creator. Check it out here. Maybe Singer’s getting old and tired. I do recall that Singer was quite unwilling to remove his own mother from this earthly existence when she became disabled.

If that link stops working, maybe backclick it, save link location, cut and paste in your browser and try to correct the spelling of Singers name in the link. I know they’re going to get around to that. It’s messed up as “Signer” in the headline and the link, at this time.