Elder Abuse

The Smoking Gun brings us a story of young caregivers at a Minnesota Nursing home mistreating the residents. Criminal charges have been brought against the two who are over age 18 for abuse including physical torment and sexual contact. I had seen but passed over this story as too disgusting to present on the blog. The thought of the elderly being unsafe in a place which is designed to protect them is disturbing. But another story brought it back to my mind.

It seems that 27 year old Jon Favreau had some pictures taken of himself and an associate playing with a cutout of sixty-something Hillary Clinton. The friend is offering the Hillary cutout a beer, and Favreau is striking a pose of groping her breast. This and other pics were placed on Favreau’s facebook site, but were removed after about two hours.

One wonders why a guy, in a position as Obama’s chief speechwriter
would post such pics of himself. It could be that he completely lacks a sense that some people could find the behavior a bit odd or disgusting. There are certain types of people from whom I would expect all sorts of unusual behavior, but it’s rare for even those people to “do it in the road” displaying it for all to see.

Yep…. this is Obama’s chief speechwriter, … the guy who conveys in words, the lofty ideals and virtue of the next president….. as he would have others see him.

Republicans to get Laryngitis from Non Stop Filibustering.

I hope the remaining Republicans are willing to sacrifice their voices for America. Saxby Chambliss (R- GA)won his bid for Senatorial office, and so the Dems don’t have their magic 60 percent required to completely ruin our lives.

This is a good thing. I might need to move to Georgia now, since 60 percent of those people are normal enough to realize that letting the Democrats totally run the U.S. would not be healthy.

Big smile.

Lawsuits aplenty, and this stuff is all over the Internet

Pharmer is watching the fun of these 17 lawsuits, filed mostly by democrats, concerning the citizenship of Obama. There’s a collection of evidence that the Obamanator is not a natural born citizen of the U.S., and is therefore unqualified to be President. Two lawsuits are pending consideration by the U.S. Supreme court. Look up docket’s here if that floats your boat.
In addition, Obama appears to be a bit outside the constitution with respect to nominating Hillary as Secretary of State. There’s a rule against nominating an elected official, during the term which they are elected to serve, to fill an appointment to office such as the Cabinet. This has been done by two prior Democrat presidents, I understand, but who’s watching?
and here’s a cool link to an analysis of Obama’s selective service registration. Seems that the form is waaaaay newer than his signature is supposed to be. Check it out! Way to go, Debbie Schlussel.

How about that? A nice short one packed with fun links to read. I must be getting lazy.