Big Pharma Reach DEEP into your pockets

The FDA needs money…. what other reason to make noise about putting new regulations on over the counter acetaminophen, or consider the possibility of pulling hot selling products from the shelves.

So Johnson and Johnson, Novartis et. al. choke up some cash.

Face it, acetaminophen, which can be hepatotoxic in large doses over 4 grams per day, is basically used as an excipient in over the counter cold remedies, and in prescription narcotic formulations. So it’s fairly easy for chronic users of these drugs, and other pain relievers to exceed the recommended dose limit.

This has gotten by the FDA for a half century or more. I don’t see any other than a financial reason for the sudden attention to the problem. It’s Chicago in Washington now, so that’s what I’d expect.

Duke Researcher acused of Extreme Perversion

Frank M Lombard, a Duke University Researcher has been accused of offering his 5 year old adopted son for sex, (to an undercover investigator online).

Lombard shares a house with another man in Durham SC, in a community setting describing itself online as follows: “We care deeply about our children and want them to grow up in a friendly and stimulating environment”.

The feds apparently fear that one child has gotten waaaay too much stimulation, and the alleged pervert is in custody, awaiting federal indictment.

One enterprising online news reader found this link when she googled Lombard’s name.
It’s an Amazon wish list which might be getting a ton of investigatory traffic by now. I could only give it 5 seconds — sick sick sick.

Top Secret attempts to cut taxes

Obama media is not permitted to report that Hungary is cutting taxes in order to counteract the badly sagging economy. Prime Minister Merkel is attempting the same in Germany.

You are not to be made aware of the fact that Europeans are weary of being taxed into ruin, and will adopt Reagan’s little-idea-that-worked long before we lose Obama in 2012.

Exemplifying the Difference between Republican and Democrat

Oh look at Mark Sanford taking the big hit for his affair like all the Republicans do when they get caught misbehaving.

He’s resigning as head of the Republican Governor’s association.

Now if you recall….. his wife didn’t know where he was. (but certainly some of his staffers did). When you see a situation like that among the well-to-do, you know that the wife is mad at the husband for screwing around but isn’t ready to cut down the big money tree yet.

The difference is that among the Democrats, there would be rallying around the malefactor, or if he were coming out as gay, they’d have an actual celebration. Among the Republicans, the guy gets kicked out. Sanford has given up his top position, and soon we’ll also see if he resigns as governor. NOTHING like a the democrat party at all.

The next thing is that claim that Sanford’s whereabouts were unknown. Naaa…. a few staffers were aware, but I think Sanford will keep quiet about that in order to protect them, and he’ll take another hit for dereliction of duty. Don’t forget it was the staffers who first announced where Sanford was, and that he was OK. They’re the ones who told him that his absence had attracted attention and he had to come home.

Take home lesson: NOONE expects any form of honor or fidelity from a Democrat. Those guys are supported and praised when they have extramarital affairs (and that DOES include Obama), while the Republicans are excoriated and punished for it.

While the Republicans continue to disappoint with their insufficient resolve against Obama, the family values difference between the two parties is still fairly visible.

This is a Test…….. Only A TEST

to see how stupid people have become…. news stories were floated that Governor Mark Sanford went missing for four days.

Yep, he “disappeared” in one of those SUVs that has satellite tracking. You know it’s becoming an industry standard and you practically have to ask not to have it. For sure the state owned vehicles have it.

So the Obama owned media wants you to believe that a nice lovable, conservative governor is guilty of dereliction of duty when he goes off to get some quiet time.

The lefties prefer the Obama method of taking a huge entourage like Imelda Marcos or Idi Amin did, and wasting your tax dollars. That’s not a concern to people who pay little to no taxes.

Congresswoman Will NOT Supply Acorn with Personal Data

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann says she won’t give any more info on the census than the number of people in her house.

Her concerns are about the intrusiveness of the census questions. In addition, the fraudulent Acorn operation of gangsters is, to a large degree, administering the collection of information.

She’s been informed of the unconstitutional regulation which threatens a fine of $5000 dollars to anyone who refuses to answer any census question.

In the last census, there were two different forms. One asked basic questions and the other essentially gave you and your family a verbal colonoscopy.

If this same situation exists again, remember that the post office will have the shortest census form. That the mail fails to deliver the long form to you is simply not your problem.

Or, you can do as many real Americans will do…….. protest the fraud-to-be, 2010 census, by refusing to cooperate.

Itari-go ga wakarimasu ka?

Do you understand Italian? Read THIS, then. It’s about a couple of Japanese guys caught smuggling 134.5 BILLION dollars in US bonds. These are paper bonds, and look very genuine. Bonds of the size and type, found in the false bottom of their briefcase, are rarely issued in certificate form anymore.

An article at the Right Soup attempts analysis of this large financial curiousity, probably would have been one of the largest smuggling attempts of its kind. However later news suggests that the bonds are forgeries.

It appears that our usual media has utterly no interest in the story however. The huge “value” of the smuggled bonds, along with this media disinterest adds significance to the information.

Coincidentally, a WSJ article in March of 2009 announced that the US government had 134.5 billion dollars left in TARP, (which was allowed to be spent at the discretion of the executive branch of government). Isn’t GOOGLE amazing for instantly finding such data?

Now if those bonds were real, wouldn’t that have churned up a major storm on the internet? Don’t know if that could ever have interested the members of this particular congress, nor the Obama administration.

Pro lifers Getting Death Threats is Not News

Jill Stanek’s blog, in the past couple of days has highlighted the worthlessness of the media. Her WND column contrasts the concern about cat killings in Florida with the utter lack of attention (and lower legal penalty) for infanticide at the Hiahleah abortion clinic.

Also highlighted is the Total Media Disinterest in the death threats conveyed physically or by missive to some of the more visible Pro Life People. Yes, the abortion supporters do misbehave in this manner quite often.

I did convey to her blog the cure for this behavior:

You Noisy Prolifers:

Might I suggest that you move to a farm, get a little bit of camo for your outdoor fun, and do some of the usual things expected of rural people. It seems to inhibit the threats for some reason. All I get are waves of futile attacks to the computers. Even our hate mail at the main website is boring.

Yes indeed, Pharmer enjoys peace and tranquility…..

Know That the Mainstream Media Lies to You

For example, what do you know about that rally that happens in Washington DC in the Dead of WINTER every year? That it regularly draws a quarter million pro life people or more? Naaah, they wouldn’t tell you that. Watch.

Psalm 139: 16

Thine eyes have seen my unformed substance; And in Thy book were all written the days that were ordained for me, When as yet there was not one of them.

Obama finds way to Anger his Rich Liberal Supporters

Obama is clamping down on people affluent enough to benefit from hiding their money overseas in banks in order to avoid taxes.

Lloyds of London decided that it’s too expensive to service American account holders of intermediate wealth and is dropping thousands and thousands of American depositors. It’s expected for other foreign banks to follow suit.

So, all you wall street Leftists who have been hiding your money from the IRS in various ways……
Obama is coming for YOU too. Assume the same posture as the rest of us.

Oh, and don’t forget to Praise Obama YOUR king.