Pro lifers Getting Death Threats is Not News

Jill Stanek’s blog, in the past couple of days has highlighted the worthlessness of the media. Her WND column contrasts the concern about cat killings in Florida with the utter lack of attention (and lower legal penalty) for infanticide at the Hiahleah abortion clinic.

Also highlighted is the Total Media Disinterest in the death threats conveyed physically or by missive to some of the more visible Pro Life People. Yes, the abortion supporters do misbehave in this manner quite often.

I did convey to her blog the cure for this behavior:

You Noisy Prolifers:

Might I suggest that you move to a farm, get a little bit of camo for your outdoor fun, and do some of the usual things expected of rural people. It seems to inhibit the threats for some reason. All I get are waves of futile attacks to the computers. Even our hate mail at the main website is boring.

Yes indeed, Pharmer enjoys peace and tranquility…..

One thought on “Pro lifers Getting Death Threats is Not News

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