More time for Indoctrination

Obamanator wants to brain wash your kids more thoroughly.

A good number of maniacs believe that the answer to the education problem in America is to expose your kids to incompetent teachers for more days per year.

Pharmer KNOWS, that summer vacation, before the heavy emphasis on group activities, was key to the inventiveness and creativity of Americans. It was the time for kids to make their own fun, and build things.

Education is important if the kids are taught how to think in an organized way, not WHAT to think. The HOW business can be imparted in a few hours per day, for maybe half of the year.
The rest of the wasted time spent at most schools is for lining up, learning herd mentality, and learning what can’t be done. This stifles the human drive towards discovery and invention. The stifling is what Obama wants to increase. Scroll down to the Obama Praise song for more of what he has in mind. The excuse for sequestering your kids longer is that you will be working 12 hours per day, six days per week to pay your taxes, and will need the government to babysit and feed your kids.

Fortunately, Obama can’t afford what he has in mind. Help him to realize this with your tax strategies if possible. These plans need to be broken as fast as possible.

Merkel wins in Germany

And this new governmental mix (a good deal different than the last one, is talking about the rational solution to a sagging economy: Tax Cuts. Seems her new partners, the Free Democrats, want more aggressive tax relief. There’s also agreement not to shut down the nuclear power plants, until a viable replacement energy is in place.

Happy Sunday

Listen up……… this song Rocks.
It might even make you wanna turn Catholic. 😉
It’s also cool for anyone with eyes and ears for the Creator.

And if you like it a lot you can go here and buy it up, just to keep Matt Maher pumping out more music. It’s a good capitalist thing to do.

Netanyahu’s Speech at the UN

The UN is such a travesty now, that its buildings should not be permitted on US Soil.

Prime Minister Netanyahu points out the degeneration of the UN in this speech. He holds up physical evidence that Ahmadinejad is completely Loony and should not be legitimized on the world stage.

Part 1 of the speech is here, and viewing on youtube will lead you to the remaining 3 parts.

More on Census Worker Hung in KY

We’ve been hearing news spin attempting to downplay the hanging death of a census worker in KY. There are suggestions that it might have been suicide, and that it might be drug related, and not based upon the man’s job functions.

Here’s the latest from My Way, affirming that the word “Fed” was written on Mr Sparkman’s chest with a felt tip pen. He died by asphyxiation, but at the time he was found, it is said that his feet were touching the ground.

As expected, the Washington Times supplies the coverage that few other news sources would.
There’s an interview with a Fairfield, Ohio man who was among a group of relatives who first discovered the body of Mr. Sparks. He remains convinced that the death is a homicide. The victim was found hanging naked, with duct tape restraints, taped over his eyes and his census worker tag taped to his neck. The victim’s truck was nearby with his clothes in the bed.

Pretty Scary

Brainwashing the kids to Praise Obama . Imagine them in a few years, turning in their parents for opposing the government. Orwellian to the max.

IRS divorces ACORN

The IRS will no longer include ACORN it it’s volunteer tax assistance program, which has offered advice to millions of low and moderate income families. Perhaps there are concerns about the kinds of tax advice offered by the ACORN employees…..

ACORN has filed suit against the filmmakers whose work has fueled their current financial and social woes. Cited in the suit are the Baltimore office workers’ emotional distress, damage to reputations, and feeling of being prisoners in their own homes.

Andrew Breitbart and James O’Keefe are on record for having previously welcomed the prospect of lawsuits in order to bring out more unsavory details about Acorn in the discovery process.

Here’s a newspiece on the birth of the ACORN films

Apparent Expression of Extreme Anti Government Feeling

A U.S. Census worker has been found hanged in a remote part of Daniel Boone Forest in Clay County Kentucky on Sept 13. The word “Fed” was scrawled on the deceased man’s chest. Census work in this rural county has been suspended.

More detail here and HERE

Pharmer, of course has a religious restriction against this form of anti-government protest, as with all other forms of murder.

The idea that this killing is such an expression comes from fresh memories of the fatalities resulting from the ice storm disaster in rural KY, and the lack of response from the Federal government.

Very Productive: Grandma has 1400 descendants at the time of her death

Rachel and Yitsik Kreshevsky, of the Orthodox Haredi community in Jeruselem, were married when Rachel was 19, and produced 7 sons and 4 daughters. Their kids, in turn, got busy and made 150 grandchildren, who in turn got busier and made a thousand great grandchildren. With the appearance of a few hundred great great grandchildren, the total number of progeny from this couple surpassed 1400 by the time of Rachel’s death at age 99. Rachel was recognized in the community as a God fearing woman, with devotion to helping the unfortunate, and with, what was necessarily encyclopedic knowledge of her family relations.

Hats off to this whole family for their productivity!