Our Capitol is a Cesspool

Pharmer’s extremely low opinion of the federal government and the majority of people within it is further substantiated by the Senate Rejection of Orrin Hatch’s amendment to remove abortion funding  from the Baucus  health care legislation.

The repeated refusals of congress to pass amendments which eliminate abortion funding establish that Obama is Lying about excluding abortion in his health care bill.

Pharmer remains convinced that a majority  of  those employed by our federal government in the capitol are extreme perverts.  This is one reason that federal funding for abortion was granted for Washington DC.  It  enables procurement of abortions  for the women and girls, used or abused by members of government, without tracing payment for the abortions back to the malefactors.  The other reason is, in the mind of Dick Durban and others like him, that the population of that city is predominantly Black. 

Our federal government has built up much toxicity, and is in need of a purgative and enema.

Top Discovery at the NSF in 2009

What initially began as routine internal  investigations of possible grant fraud within the National Science Foundation has since been buried in Porn,    The inspector general forcasts a reduction in recoveries from grant-fraud  investigations due to the time spent rooting out an estimated six-fold increase in porn surfing at the agency.  The Washington Times is credited with this exclusive on your tax dollars at wank.

One senior executive has been forced into retirement after the revelation of 331 work days surfing porn and indulging in pink chat with partners in various conditions of undress.  He’ll now be able to porn-chat full time on his retirement pension at taxpayer expense.

If you’ve ever been marveling at the criteria for awarding NSF research grants,  the answer may lie with the heavily distracted agency staff.  The faculties of sound judgment are surely impaired when the blood supply has been diverted away from the cerebral cortex through through unauthorized access to “stimulus packages”.

Researchers, those odd responses from the NSF   to your grant applications may have an explanation………..

Health Workers protest the Forced Vaccine Program

Two good reads for you as Pharmer rushes off to work.
The flu shots are said to be mandatory where I work, but I have not gotten one, since I have no patient contact, and am fitted for a filter mask.

Read here about mandatory shots, and HERE about protests occurring in New York over this matter.

Expect more commentary about this long standing and pervasive problem of medical coercion, based upon the assumption that people cannot make behavioral changes to prevent the transmission of disease.

Reprise story of Obama’s Safe Schools Czar has gone viral on the net.

The story of former teacher, Kevin Jennings “remembering Brewster” is by no means new. Now that Jennings serves as Safe Schools Czar for the Obama administration, and an audio tape has been uncovered to substantiate the story, the interest is renewed.

Pharmer refers you to the Yid with Lid, who covers the story succinctly, and supplies a link to the audio, as well as to the older story by Warren Throckmorton.

What has gotten everyone nauseated is the knowledge that Mr. Jennings concealed a case of pedophilia (teacher having sex with student) and even encouraged the relationship while he served as a teacher himself, at age 24. Normal people aren’t accepting this in their concept of “safe schools”.

Docs will Bail on Obama Care

Forty five percent of docs, according to this survey, featured in Investors Business Daily, plan an early “retirement” if Obama care passes. Sixty five percent of physicians find the plan unacceptable. Seventy one percent of them believe that the claims to serve 47 million more beneficiaries at lower cost is wrong.

The fact that these numbers are not 100 percent, demonstrates that many physicians have poor understanding of economic matters.

Enough Ragging on Sarah Palin

for writing a book with a collaborator.

Sarah made no claims to the contrary. On the other hand, Obama has claimed to have written “Dreams of My Father” himself.

Author Christopher Anderson, in his newly released book “Barack and Michelle” concurs with what WND and others have been saying for a long time.

Bill Ayers wrote it from material supplied by Obama.

A new article appears today at WND elaborating on Jack Cashill’s long investigation of what is called Obama’s “Milli Vanilli Moment”.

Fox was ordered to stop showing this news story

Drudge flashed it, and it’s everywhere, including here.

Illinois is in the dumpster, and Chicagoans are not in the mood to be supplanted (at deflated compensation rates) from their homes to make way for the Olympics, nor pay the bills in the aftermath.

FOX VIDEO: ‘Chicagoans for Rio’: Not Everyone in Illinois Wants the 2016 Olympics

Here’s the website, Chicagoans for Rio and I bet today their little server will be swamped.