Enough Ragging on Sarah Palin

for writing a book with a collaborator.

Sarah made no claims to the contrary. On the other hand, Obama has claimed to have written “Dreams of My Father” himself.

Author Christopher Anderson, in his newly released book “Barack and Michelle” concurs with what WND and others have been saying for a long time.

Bill Ayers wrote it from material supplied by Obama.

A new article appears today at WND elaborating on Jack Cashill’s long investigation of what is called Obama’s “Milli Vanilli Moment”.

One thought on “Enough Ragging on Sarah Palin

  1. Truth be know, just about every big name politician out there with a book, had a ghost writer. Palin and McCain are among the very few who has admitted to it. Hillary Clinton's book It Takes a Village was ghost written as was Bill Clinton's book. Most people, politicians included, aren't professional writers.From what it sounds like, 0bama's book was largely written by Bill Ayers. Isn't he the same guy 0bama dismissed as just some guy in his neighborhood that he hardly knew? Let's see where this goes.

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