UK Pharmacy Regulatory Board Upholds Pharmacists’ Right of Conscience

Two practical issues keep the UK out ahead of the US in  respecting this particular aspect of health care.

1)  The heath care provider shortage caused by socialized medcine.

2) The impact of allowing the few remaining people with a conscience to practice in that manner will not inconvenience the rest a great deal.

Regulator Keeps Conscience Clause for Religious Pharmacists |

At least this  new “General Regulatory Council”   has kept itself ahead of such entities as the Wisconsin board of pharmacy, which fined and removed the license of a pharmacist who would not dispense birth control pills.

Conscientious objection in the U.S. will be sufficiently high that the current  government will continue to suppress it.  The cost containment ‘benefits’ of killing  to reduce the population of patients will be deemed higher than the need to retain sufficient numbers of health care professionals for patient safety.

Hey, Sr. Carol Keehan gets an Obama Pen!!

Photo: “… but for a pen.” «

One of the twenty pens Obama used to sign his health-kill plan apparently goes to Sr. Carol Keehan of the Catholic Heath Association for her hard work in getting his bill passed, with the abortion funding intact.

What a souvenir!!!

A list of others who get the pens is at National Review Online.

A bit of information on Sr. Carol Keehan’s organization, her salary, and some comparisons to the leaders of other non profits can be found at Catholic key blog

Time to Get Real About Obamacare (reprised)

MEDIA ADVISORY, March 11 /Christian Newswire/ —

Filling up my email inbox are huge numbers of requests from various pro life organizations to sign petitions which demand removal of abortion from health care.

Very briefly, this is the explanation for an inability to sign on to most of these.

The premise from so many groups is that the problem of the Democrat health care plans will be solved with language removing abortion funding from the bill.

Many people incorrectly assume that removing funding will remove the abortion mandate. This is not so. Mothers will be coerced to abort unborn babies with untoward fetal diagnoses in any government run system, because there will be the threat of no health coverage for such kids. Health care professionals will still be coerced to participate in this and other unethical activity. This is the reality in other socialized medicine systems which lack funding for the care of premature infants, and those with significant congenital disabilities.

Denial of care at other points in development, with respect to early diagnosis using imaging, severe illnesses, and terminal illness, is also a sad reality in other government run health care systems, as well as the one planned for America.

Finally there is the problem of turning over our health care autonomy to an entity which is known to be corrupt. This is not a smart move. The control over our health care will be used by the federal government to control other aspects of our lives, including expression of religious beliefs.

Sorry to the pro-life liberals, this pharmacist (whose insights stem from health care experience), is ethically constrained from signing on to any aspect of the killer-government controlled health care.

Karen L. Brauer MS, RPh is president of Pharmacists for Life International, the most fully pro-life pharmacists’ organization. Find our politically incorrect site at, and KB’s personal blog at Pharmacists for Life International truly makes no profit, and all officers and staff are volunteers.

Gibbs Researching

When Rush Limbaugh referred to the Leftist gathering at Obama’s health care signing as a
STAR WARS BAR SCENE, the libs didn’t get the joke.
Earnestly researching in order to gain understanding, is PRESS SECRETARY GIBBS. 😉
credit to AP charles dharapak

Ignore CNN. See Photos Searchlight Teaparty, Nevada

Photos — Searchlight, Nevada.

Just click the link above if you made the mistake of believing the CNN reports on the Teaparty crowd size in Searchlight, Nevada.

Palin is always a huge draw.  Note the traffic an hour and a half after starting time, still trying to get into the place.

Turn off your television news.  It is not worth your time to be misinformed by leftists.

The internet is filled with eyewitness accounts at almost any event.  Trade in your television and cable for a computer and internet access.

Cancel your newspaper subscription.    Consider replacing it with a smart phone and more internet access.

My Way News – Obama announces 15 recess appointments, scolds GOP

Including Craig Becker, union thug, to the National Labor Relations Board.

My Way News – Obama announces 15 recess appointments, scolds GOP.

From the article…… McCain scolding Obama back:

“Once again the administration showed that it had little respect for the time honored constitutional roles and procedures of Congress,” said Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona, Obama’s foe in the 2008 presidential election. “This is clear payback by the administration to organized labor.”