UK Pharmacy Regulatory Board Upholds Pharmacists’ Right of Conscience

Two practical issues keep the UK out ahead of the US in  respecting this particular aspect of health care.

1)  The heath care provider shortage caused by socialized medcine.

2) The impact of allowing the few remaining people with a conscience to practice in that manner will not inconvenience the rest a great deal.

Regulator Keeps Conscience Clause for Religious Pharmacists |

At least this  new “General Regulatory Council”   has kept itself ahead of such entities as the Wisconsin board of pharmacy, which fined and removed the license of a pharmacist who would not dispense birth control pills.

Conscientious objection in the U.S. will be sufficiently high that the current  government will continue to suppress it.  The cost containment ‘benefits’ of killing  to reduce the population of patients will be deemed higher than the need to retain sufficient numbers of health care professionals for patient safety.