U.S. court rules against Obama’s stem cell policy | Reuters

U.S. court rules against Obama’s stem cell policy | Reuters.

Remember when Obama issued an executive order to fund embryonic stem cell research and overturned Bush’s order encouraging funding to adult stem cell research?

There’s a new court  injunction against Obama’s  ridiculous executive order, which was for the purpose of cutting off funding for research which has yielded many successes, and transferring money to a wholly unsuccessful (and immoral) avenue.

The Healthcare that Michael Moore Loves

CastroCare In Crisis: Mounting Strains.

Some fun facts from Cuba…. the hospital patients supply their own syringes, bedsheets,  and towels in order to stave off nosocomial   infection.   Sterile equipment and disinfectants are in short supply in Cuba’s hospitals.

Cervical cancer is the fourth leading cause of death among Cuban woman, and it is largely preventable, but Pap smears are no longer routine for fear of the unhygenic exam practices.

Maternal death, blamed on medical neglect post partum is also on the rise under Castrocare.

Least surprise of all,  doctor defections are rampant, with many returning from (training) abroad only to leave health care for jobs which will bring them convertible currency.    The Castro answer is to reduce placements in other countries.

What If All the Health Care Workers Were Union

and they went on strike??

Right to Work Attorneys Help Minneapolis Nurses Fight Back Against Union Intimidation | National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation.

Learn about some Minnesota nurses who chose not to strike, and resigned from the union (MNA) in order to conscientiously fulfill their obligations to their patients. Below is a news video describing threatening letters and other penalties suffered by these health care professionals who put their patients first.

Dr Laura to Leave the Airwaves

Dr Laura Schlessinger will give up radio after decades of giving verbal “spankings” to her callers who seemed to be asking for it.

Her propensity for saying ANYTHING, got her into trouble with political correctness, as she repeated that one word which White people aren’t allowed to utter.   Notwithstanding her  purpose of bringing out that odd distinction, and bringing the point that if that insult is to be expunged, Black people need to stop saying it too, she was hounded  for using the word itself when speaking about it, and decided it’s time for a change of venue.

Pharmer likes  Dr. Laura for her candor, and wishes her success in future endeavors which will primarily be online.

ACLU Alert! Leftie New York Politicians Offer STATE LAND for Mosque

Read all about it!

The lefties of New York, sensing that even their own people would vote them out,  have decided it might be a good idea to move the mosque to another site.  Governor Patterson intends to meet with the Muslims with incentives for this change of plans.

What should be of prime interest to the ACLU is that there is a proffering of  STATE LAND for building the mosque at a different site, to avoid the controversy of its location as a victory monument at ground zero of the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center.

Perhaps there will also be some state land offered to the Greek Orthodox for the replacement of  the St. Nicholas church????  Hmmmm???

Harry Reid Worried about November Election, Opposing the Mosque

The primary evidence to show the democrat desperation to be reelected is their break with Obama on the Mosque construction at ground zero..

Reid publicly announced his opposition to the leftist + muslim effort to declare victory over America by building a mosque where Islamic terrorists killed over 3000 people at the World trade center.   Please note that the above link is to a UK newspaper 😉

Interestingly the leftists have not yet figured out that a mosque does not represent victory for them, as their social agenda will not but supported there.

Fun facts:

The lefties have denied rebuilding of  St. Nicholas, a  Greek Orthodox church which had already existed in the same area.

Plans to build  a gay bar next to the proposed mosque also exist, and the prospective owner, Greg Gutfeld plans to cater to muslim men.

The ACLU favors the building of the mosque…….

yet it is famous for opposing public displays of Christian beliefs.

The ACLU also opposes the professional position not to purposely kill humans in health care practice.  Interestingly Muslims are also gaining media attention for the same pro-life position.

One may peruse massive literature  on the ACLU pro-killing position at www.aclu.org  oddly catagorized as  “reproductive rights”.

Religious Tolerance of the lefties is very selective.

FDA Approves Ulipristal acetate as Expected

Watson is the generic drug manufacturer which is expected to distribute EllaOne in the US, now that the FDA has approved it for use as a morning after pill.

Headlining at Pharmacists for Life International is a low opinion of the FDA’s decision to spend time on this me-too analog of the abortive drug, mifepristone (RU486), and allow the marketing as a morning after pill.
Below is what Pharmer sent to Rob Stein of the Washington post, at his request. It’s possibly not translatable into language understandable by that newspaper’s readers.

On the sidebar and searchable on this blog is further information on Ulipristal acetate, coming soon to the US, for use in underage girls, (without parental consent) and by women who are ill-informed about the drug and its effects.

Reply to request for statement on the impending approval of Ulipristal:

Ulipristal Acetate, according to its developers, can kill embryos and fetuses, and is marketed in Europe as EllaOne. The low dose 30mg form, has been prioritized for approval by the FDA, which would have served us better by adequately addressing the current, rolling shortages of lifesaving and essential medications.

The embryocidal, ulipristal acetate doses may be accumulated by physicians or patients for medical abortions at home, sidestepping the so-called regulation of mifepristone/misoprostil (the other abortion drug). This will lead to additional life-endangering problems for the targeted adolescent girls and women.

The FDA is expected to continue in its long tradition of relegating females to bottom class health care status.

Reply when asked if pharmacists would refuse to dispense it:

Pharmacists were excused from handling mifepristone/misoprostil, and most were relieved to be sheltered from the ethical and legal liabilities.
The majority would not like providing information and dispensing ulipristal, since it is an analog of mifepristone. Expect attempts to force pharmacists to do so.

If you were to juxtapose the issue of severe drug shortages and the approval of this ‘me-too’, abortifacient in a survey of pharmacists, the majority would express the opinion that the FDA is nearly useless.

Personal note to Rob Stein concerning the FDA’s action:

In my place of employment is a gigantic board listing the shortages and outages of essential medications, such as antibiotics, pain relievers, anaesthetics and drugs for sedation.This problem has been significant for years, and has worsened considerably in the last year, impeding our ability to provide vital care for our patients.

The FDA has placed the approval of this duplicate analog of mifepristone ahead of need to address this severe health care issue. My disrespect for the FDA is profound and beyond the ability to verbalize.

Media, in need of distractions, “Tigers” the Flight Attendant

The real news is unpleasant, constantly revising the GDP downward, the debt upward, the unemployment upward. Afghanistan is not going well, and the Vietnam story will be rewound, with US abandoning our allies to be killed by the Taliban.

Formerly, the media used to fill the summer news doldrums with lifestyle and religion/ethics stories. The religion/ethics subject has dropped off to avoid highlighting that Obama lefties have none outside of statism.

So we’re left with only the distraction of lifestyle news. That’s so dead, because nothing shocks anymore. The Sherrod story had to be suddenly killed because it revealed the fraud of Obama and company’s bill to allow payments to 86,000 black farmers (with the census revealing that less than 40,000 actually exist in the U.S.)

It’s Soooo bad that the media had to TIGER that JetBlue flight attendant, Steve Slater. This guy apparently was hit in the head, and was in no mood to deal with the passengers, who noticed a large gash on his forehead but still needed his immediate attention to their needs. He threw a tantrum, exited the plane in grand fashion, then was turned into a major celebrity by the media. According to the Tiger cycle, the media builds a celebrity by ignoring/hiding his faults, then tears him down later by revealing them. It generates material for those too lazy or unwilling to report on more significant matters.

In the bad news milieu of this summer of no recovery, the lamestreamers had to fast forward the Tiger process on Steve Slater.

Racist Reid Does It Again

He doesn’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could vote republican. If you’re Hispanic, you’re all supposed to think one way…..and wait for handouts from the Democrats. That’s our Harry Reid… tired of him yet?