Indiana Appeals Decision Against Planned Parenthood De-Funding Law |

Indiana Appeals Decision Against Planned Parenthood De-Funding Law |

Indiana is set to challenge the injunction set by Judge Tanya Walton Pratt against defunding of abortion.

It is also challenging the US health and human services decision to block amendments to the state medicaid plan.

Both cases will wind up in the US 7th Circuit court of appeals in Chicago.


Live Action Does it Again….. Indiana Planned Parenthood serves less than 1 % of medicaid patients. Listen to the various Indiana Planned Parenthood clinic workers informing that the care they provide is available elsewhere.

Pope Tweets for the First Time

Pope tweets for the first time.

Pope Benedict XVI  tweeted a message to announce the start up of the new Vatican news service which he hopes will streamline communciation from the Vatican to the world, and even assist it’s internal communications.

Assimilation will occur via the website, Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed, Youtube, and Flickr.  Resistance is futile! 😉


Pope Benedict officially clicks to publish the news website.

Obama Demonstrates His Delusional Thinking

Nutty Obama  scolds congress today for failing to raise the debt ceiling.  This is a quote from his speech, revealing  his strategy to pay the debt by incurring more debt.

“These are bills that Congress ran up. The money’s been spent. The obligations have been made. So this is not a situation – I think the American people have to understand this – this is not a situation where you know, Congress is going to say, ‘Okay, we won’t buy this car or we won’t take this vacation.’ They took the vacation, they bought the car, and now they’re saying maybe we don’t have to pay or we don’t have to pay as fast as we said we were going to. That’s not how responsible families act. We’re the greatest nation on earth and we can’t act that way. So this is urgent and it needs to get settled.”

via Obama Scolds Congress, Says Malia and Sasha Are More Disciplined – Political Punch.

Pharmer wonders if Malia and Sasha are being taught to have Mom and Dad raise their debt ceiling to cover irresponsible expenditures.

ATF Whistleblower Vince Cefalu is fired

Tossed for the Truth? ATF Fires ‘Project Gunrunner’ Whistleblower | Breaking news and opinion on The Blaze.

Vince Cefalu is the ATF agent who has revealed and criticized his employer for the fast and furious operation which now has the whole agency in hot water, as well as director Ken Melson, and US Atty. General, Eric Holder.

Supposedly the corruption prevention measures in the federal government confer protection upon whistleblowers……… except at the ATF, where firing them  is OK

It appears that Cefalu has been in hot water since 2005, when he exposed an illegal wiretapping done by the ATF.



More Government Stupidity – Jailtime for Vet

Vet Checks Wrong Box, Faces Charges – Jacksonville News Story – WJXT Jacksonville.

A clerical error on a passport has landed Elisha Dawkins,  a veteran military photographer in jail.    Yep, he checked the wrong box regarding whether he had filled out a passport before.  Two months in the slammer so far.   You better watch how you fill out  those government forms.

Who would want to serve this kind of government voluntarily?


Blagojevich Convicted on 17 of 20 Counts

Including his attempt to sell Obama’s senate seat.

Blagojevich on guilty verdict: ‘I frankly am stunned’ –

This is the result of a retrial following a deadlocked jury at the first trial.

Naturally, the clueless, former Gov. Rod Blagojevich is having a hard time accepting that selling a senate seat, and his other forms of fraud and extortion are criminal acts, and that he’s going to get jailtime for them.


John Stossel: ABC Politics Stopped Him From Doing Acorn Story.

Stossel, now working at FOX, made this admission while interviewing Andrew Breitbart.

Pharmer has the inside track on something that FOX News has not been eager to cover: stories containing the admission that birth control pills can operate by stopping the life of an early human embryo. Fox News reporters would call for interviews dealing with this issue time and time again, take down information, then never call back. At that time, other news networks, newspapers and radio were still permitted to deal with this subject. It was also covered on the O’Reilly Factor elsewhere on the FOX network.

More recently, FOX was able to mention that pharmacists were resisting the Blagojevich order forcing them to dispense all birth control pills in 2005, but we can’t find this year’s Illinois Judicial decision in favor of the pharmacy owners on their network. Maybe it’s buried somewhere deep.

Not to worry, the real news is on the internet now, and the New Media have taken up this story, and many others which the Old Media will not cover.