Federal Judges Overturn Two Indiana Laws

Weekend Hidden News

News From AP | TBO.com.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Marie Walton Pratt ruled on Friday (in time for the news to be hidden over the weekend)  to Block portions of the new Indiana abortion law, particularly the part which stopped  state  funding to planned parenthood.   Judge Walton Pratt was nominated by Sen Evan Bayh, and appointed by Obama,  apparently to help carry out the leftist agenda of keeping Indiana’s minority populations under control.

The Indiana Atty. General is likely to appeal.

U.S. District Judge Sarah Evans Barker blocked parts of Indiana’s new immigration law, claiming that immigration is a federal issue.  Judge Sarah Evans Barker, a 1984 Reagan appointee, after a quarter century, is  signaling her readiness to retire, in a manner analogous to that of  Senator Richard Lugar.

Organs from Killed Patients are better for transplant use than organs from accident victims

Shock study: Organs harvested from euthanized patients make better transplants | LifeSiteNews.com.

In this Belgian study, 23.5 percent of the lung transplants are taken from euthanized patients.  Better outcomes for the recipient are reported using these organs rather than those from accident or trauma victims.

According to a Canadian Medical Association report,  20 percent of Belgian nurses, interviewed for their study, reported involvement in euthanasia, with half of those cases being without request or consent of the patient.

(Perhaps there’s  reason that Hugo Chavez  hasn’t been doing any of his  medical tourism in Belgium. )




Discovered: Something That Can Shut Hugo Chavez Up

Surgery silences Venezuela’s Chavez, controversy grows – Yahoo! News.

Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez has been in Cuba for surgery, which offers a partial explanation for his having disappeared from the airwaves.

Imagine having no physicians in one’s  country capable of performing abdominal surgery, and choosing Cuba as the preferred location for said treatment.    The latest story is that an abscess has been removed from Chavez’s pelvic region.

Al Gore Cult of Climate Change, recommends fertility management

Here is a bit of gibberish from Al Gore, recommending that women have fewer kids to combat climate change.. in a nation which is falling below replacement rate.

Would someone remind Al Gore of the terrible toll that divorce takes on the environment, as the natural resources used by each family increase by half, due to divided dwellings and schedules.
Of particular concern is Al Gore’s own GINORMOUS DIVORCE.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana to Stop Treating Medicaid Patients

Planned Parenthood staff taking furlough to save money » Evansville Courier & Press.

While the court case concerning Indiana’s new law defunding abortion clinics is decided,  Indiana planned parenthood is closing its clinics for a day, and stopping services to its 9300 Medicaid patients.

There is no expectation for the supporters of planned parenthood to make up the 1.3 million dollar per year shortfall to allow free care for the underprivileged.

Things are not the same for this organization as it is for the pro-life crisis pregnancy care centers.

Romney Triple Flush

The social leftist wing of the Republican Party has been casting about for the Romney substitute, because they know he’s too liberal to garner votes from conservatives.

1) Romney had to argue against Obamacare, after instituting Romneycare, which contains most of the unsavory aspects of Obama’s  healthcare mess.

2) Romney believes in the religion of global warming.

3) American Right to Life   (remember their huge protest  sign at the DNC convention?)  won’t let anyone forget that Romney isn’t serious about his pro-life claims.  They’ve visited his fundraiser in Denver with a devastating reminder.  You can see them at Jill Stanek’s. “Dogging Romney” is not  really new to this group.

Tom Blumer at the Bizzy Blog provides the evidence supporting  American Right to Life’s  sign in Denver which reminds us:  “Romneycare: 50$ copay abortions” See the images of Romney care features, including the tax payer funded abortions.  Blumer also reminds us that Romneycare came complete with tax penalties for those who did not provide proof of health care coverage.


No Federal Funding For Abortion Providers- Not a Big Deal, Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is not really wanting to cut funding for abortions so strongly that he’d actually promise to work on it.   He pretends that it would be a big deal and cause defunding of all the hospitals that offer abortion services.

Hospitals can create a mini corporation and sector it off to do all the objectionable stuff using private funds.

This is really easy.     A building does not have to contain only one corporation.  It’s very easy to rent out a section to another corporation which does the unfundable activity while the rest of the institution qualifies for federal funds.
This can be done for a hundred thousand bucks  or less in some cases.   If the law gets picky, they can park a single wide outside and get er done.

Hospitals at this time are turning themselves inside out, spending millions upgrading technology to remain qualified for medicare and medicaid funds.
Segregating the abortions sufficiently to remain qualified for federal funds  is no big deal for most institutions, other than than having some of their benefactors find out what is being done there.

Mitt can stop pretending that he’s pro-life enough to honor our desire not to pay for the killings.