No Federal Funding For Abortion Providers- Not a Big Deal, Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is not really wanting to cut funding for abortions so strongly that he’d actually promise to work on it.   He pretends that it would be a big deal and cause defunding of all the hospitals that offer abortion services.

Hospitals can create a mini corporation and sector it off to do all the objectionable stuff using private funds.

This is really easy.     A building does not have to contain only one corporation.  It’s very easy to rent out a section to another corporation which does the unfundable activity while the rest of the institution qualifies for federal funds.
This can be done for a hundred thousand bucks  or less in some cases.   If the law gets picky, they can park a single wide outside and get er done.

Hospitals at this time are turning themselves inside out, spending millions upgrading technology to remain qualified for medicare and medicaid funds.
Segregating the abortions sufficiently to remain qualified for federal funds  is no big deal for most institutions, other than than having some of their benefactors find out what is being done there.

Mitt can stop pretending that he’s pro-life enough to honor our desire not to pay for the killings.