Romney Triple Flush

The social leftist wing of the Republican Party has been casting about for the Romney substitute, because they know he’s too liberal to garner votes from conservatives.

1) Romney had to argue against Obamacare, after instituting Romneycare, which contains most of the unsavory aspects of Obama’s  healthcare mess.

2) Romney believes in the religion of global warming.

3) American Right to Life   (remember their huge protest  sign at the DNC convention?)  won’t let anyone forget that Romney isn’t serious about his pro-life claims.  They’ve visited his fundraiser in Denver with a devastating reminder.  You can see them at Jill Stanek’s. “Dogging Romney” is not  really new to this group.

Tom Blumer at the Bizzy Blog provides the evidence supporting  American Right to Life’s  sign in Denver which reminds us:  “Romneycare: 50$ copay abortions” See the images of Romney care features, including the tax payer funded abortions.  Blumer also reminds us that Romneycare came complete with tax penalties for those who did not provide proof of health care coverage.