Cost Containment Includes Forced Abortion and Sterilization

Court-ordered abortion, sterilization of Catholic woman in Mass. overturned by higher court |

The Romney-care system in Massachusetts almost accomplished forced abortion  and sterilization procedures in a mentally ill female, but the initial court order has been thrown out by a higher appeals court .

The Norfolk Family and Probate Court Judge Christina Harms had ordered that these procedures could be forced upon a woman with psychotic disorders, through the use of deception and sedation.

Somehow this woman had access to legal recourse, bringing her case to an appeals court.  One wonders how many forced abortions and sterilizations have been accomplished under the Romneycare system.

Romney Triple Flush

The social leftist wing of the Republican Party has been casting about for the Romney substitute, because they know he’s too liberal to garner votes from conservatives.

1) Romney had to argue against Obamacare, after instituting Romneycare, which contains most of the unsavory aspects of Obama’s  healthcare mess.

2) Romney believes in the religion of global warming.

3) American Right to Life   (remember their huge protest  sign at the DNC convention?)  won’t let anyone forget that Romney isn’t serious about his pro-life claims.  They’ve visited his fundraiser in Denver with a devastating reminder.  You can see them at Jill Stanek’s. “Dogging Romney” is not  really new to this group.

Tom Blumer at the Bizzy Blog provides the evidence supporting  American Right to Life’s  sign in Denver which reminds us:  “Romneycare: 50$ copay abortions” See the images of Romney care features, including the tax payer funded abortions.  Blumer also reminds us that Romneycare came complete with tax penalties for those who did not provide proof of health care coverage.


Baby Joseph Update, Ontario Canada

Although the medical records should be released to Joseph’s Maraachli’s parents upon request, according to law, London Health Sciences Centre in London, Ontario, is witholding them. This appears to be an effort to prevent the transport of Baby Joseph to a U.S. hospital where a tracheotomy can be performed.

Health care professionals are standing by and donated medical equipment is available to manage the difficult condition of Baby Joseph which appears to be far beyond the capabilities and fiscal reach of Ontario, Canada. (This is the kind of health care system intended for the U.S., under Obamacare).

According to advocates, the only thing standing in the way of providing for home care for Baby Joseph is this withholding of medical records. One wonders if legal experts at the hospital are combing the medical records for any improprieties before passing them on in this very public case.

Senate Democrats Give up Confirmation of Two Legged Death Panel, Donald Berwick

Senate Democrats Abandon Obama Rationing Czar Donald Berwick |

The Senate Dems have dispaired of overcoming the filibuster promised by Republicans to overcome confirmation of Obama Nominee Donald Berwick  as Medicaid, Medicare and Obamacare administrator.

Berwick has been an avid proponent of UK style socialized medicine and rationing, though he pretended to back away from this during the process of his nomination.

Obama had used a recess appointment to overcome Republican opposition to his nomination, but without senate confirmation the temporary  appointment is over by the end of the year.


Big Brother Halts Opening New Privately Owned Hospitals

Obamacare- Law bans new doctor-owned hospitals, Blocks expansion of existing ones..

Sixty new doctor-owned hospitals will be halted due to Obamacare, and existing ones will not be permitted to expand.

This impedes both availability and choice of health care options for patients.  Socialized medicine achieves this every time it is tried, and Obamacare will be no different.

This hot story shut down the CNS news server today, but other fine blogs are carrying the news.

Search it out for yourself.    Pharmer has to run to work. 🙂

Dems support buying viagra for sex offenders

Tom Coburn opened the trap and the Senate Dems jumped right in.

An amendment to the health care bill was introduced to stop any funding for Viagra and like drugs for sex offenders, rapists, and pedophiles.

The dems, claiming this amendment to be a mockery of the senate and themselves, did exactly as was expected, and voted against it… thus supporting the funding of erectile dysfunction treatments for sex offenders.

The Amendment was defeated 57 – 42.

T shirts, commercials, bumper stickers and ads are forthcoming, to celebrate this pavlovian response.

It’s Time to Get Real about Obamacare

Filling up the Pharmer’s email are huge numbers of requests from various pro life organizations to sign petitions  which demand removal of abortion from health care.

Very briefly, this is the explanation for an inability to sign on to most of these.

The premise from so many groups is that the problem of the democrat health care plans will be solved with language removing abortion funding from the bill.

People naively assume that removing funding will remove the abortion mandate.  This is not so.   Mothers will be coerced to abort unborn babies with untoward fetal diagnoses in any government run system, because  there will be the threat of no health coverage for such kids.   Health care professionals will still be coerced to participate in this and other unethical activity.   This is the reality in other socialized medicine systems which lack the funding for care of premature infants, and those with significant congenital disabilities.

Denial of care at other points in development, with respect to early diagnosis using imaging, severe illnesses, and terminal illness, is also a sad  reality in other government run health care systems, as well as the one planned for America.

Finally there is the problem of turning over our health care autonomy to an entity which is KNOWN to be CORRUPT.   This is not a smart move.   The control over our health care will be used by the government to control other aspects of our lives.

Sorry to the pro-life liberals,  Pharmer, (whose  insights stem from health care experience),  is ethically constrained from  signing on to any aspect of the killer-government controlled health care.