Judge throws out Charges against Pro-lifer, Peter D’Attilio

Criminal charges against pro-life activist Peter D’Attilio thrown out by judge.

Mass Resistance has been covering the arrest and prosecution of Peter D’Attilio, for the horrible crime of passing out pro-life bookmarks  at a Catholic fair in Franklin MA. Judge Steven Ostrach, of Wrentham District Court has thrown out the charges and berated the prosecutor for pursuing the case.

You will find the police report most amusing, as it is interspersed with comments from D’Attilio,  who appears to be a disciplined activist with a very orderly mind.

Thomas More Law Center is planning a civil rights lawsuit as a response to the false arrest, and six month delay of the court hearing.

Mass resistance reports that the ATF is now monitoring Peter D’Attilio for the horrible crime of passing out pro-life information. Pharmer guesses that the ATF thinks this guy who opposes killing, is a terrorist.  They have a duty to monitor bookmark distribution, similar to the duty of the TSA to check the underpants of toddlers for bombs.

Cost Containment Includes Forced Abortion and Sterilization

Court-ordered abortion, sterilization of Catholic woman in Mass. overturned by higher court | LifeSiteNews.com.

The Romney-care system in Massachusetts almost accomplished forced abortion  and sterilization procedures in a mentally ill female, but the initial court order has been thrown out by a higher appeals court .

The Norfolk Family and Probate Court Judge Christina Harms had ordered that these procedures could be forced upon a woman with psychotic disorders, through the use of deception and sedation.

Somehow this woman had access to legal recourse, bringing her case to an appeals court.  One wonders how many forced abortions and sterilizations have been accomplished under the Romneycare system.

Found! Obama’s Uncle Omar

PICKET: Obama’s illegal uncle arrested; ‘Uncle Omar’ almost hits cop car, tries to call White House – Washington Times.

Omar Obama Onyango has surfaced due to a brush with police and a DUI charge.    He apparently rolled through a stop sign and turned left, nearly causing collisions .  He also is said to have “nearly rammed” a police car and to have had a breathalyzer test result of 0.14 mg/dl.   The Washington Times article by Kerry Picket corrects other media reports which reported that Mr. Onyango actually collided with the police car.

Opon booking at the police station, ‘Uncle Omar’ was offered the opportunity to make a phone call.  “I think I will call the White House,” was his reply, according to Framington police Lieutenant Delaney.

Uncle Omar, who now calls himself Onyango Obama,  is mentioned in  Obama’s book “Dreams from My Father” as one of the relatives who had emigrated from Kenya to America and was never heard from again. He now faces possible deportation as an illegal immigrant, in addition to DUI charges.

The Australian reports that Auntie Zeituni’s lawyer, Margaret Wong, of Cleveland, will also defend Uncle Omar.

More is available at the Boston Herald, which says that although Uncle Omar is an illegal immigrant,  he has a valid social security number and driver’s license.

Pro-life activist beaten, arrested, and accused of bomb plot by police

Pro-life activist beaten, arrested, and accused of bomb plot by police.

The treatment that Peter D’Attilio received in Franklin, Massachusetts is reminiscent of the Clinton era, when the FBI was running around to all the pro-life groups, questioning them about their activities.

Mass Resistance (link above) has the full scoop on D’Attilio’s arrest and detainment, as well as the pending charges against him, for passing out pro-life flyers at St. Mary’s Catholic church festival.   The article also contains contact information.


Romney Triple Flush

The social leftist wing of the Republican Party has been casting about for the Romney substitute, because they know he’s too liberal to garner votes from conservatives.

1) Romney had to argue against Obamacare, after instituting Romneycare, which contains most of the unsavory aspects of Obama’s  healthcare mess.

2) Romney believes in the religion of global warming.

3) American Right to Life   (remember their huge protest  sign at the DNC convention?)  won’t let anyone forget that Romney isn’t serious about his pro-life claims.  They’ve visited his fundraiser in Denver with a devastating reminder.  You can see them at Jill Stanek’s. “Dogging Romney” is not  really new to this group.

Tom Blumer at the Bizzy Blog provides the evidence supporting  American Right to Life’s  sign in Denver which reminds us:  “Romneycare: 50$ copay abortions” See the images of Romney care features, including the tax payer funded abortions.  Blumer also reminds us that Romneycare came complete with tax penalties for those who did not provide proof of health care coverage.


Coakley obtains Obama aid

Martha Coakley, that Massachusetts Senate candidate who thinks Catholics shouldn’t be permitted to work in hospital emergency rooms, has obtained the full backing and support of Obama, immediately after her expression of this sentiment. Obama intends to travel to Coakley’s state on Sunday in order to bolster her effort against Republican Scott Brown.

Pharmer is happy to have assisted others in learning of Coakley’s religious intolerance via submissions of this Washington times story and Ken Pittman to a number of well known venues of news and commentary.

This story also appeared on the Drudge Report, Jill Stanek’s page, and was echoed by Rush Limbaugh on his Friday 1/15 radio show, among others. It is hoped that enough people heard of Coakley’s views that Obama might need to address a question about it when he travels to Massachusetts in her support.

Devout Catholics shouldn’t work in Emergency Room says Coakley

This goes into the PHARMER TOLD YA SO FILE…. since conscience rights for health professionals has been my business for years and years.

The leftists do not have room for health care professionals who regard all human life with respect and who would not kill in their practice. In the event of Obamacare, most of us will be compelled to change careers, which will leave patients to deal with the other kind of health care provider.

Martha Coakley weighs in on the topic here.