Found! Obama’s Uncle Omar

PICKET: Obama’s illegal uncle arrested; ‘Uncle Omar’ almost hits cop car, tries to call White House – Washington Times.

Omar Obama Onyango has surfaced due to a brush with police and a DUI charge.    He apparently rolled through a stop sign and turned left, nearly causing collisions .  He also is said to have “nearly rammed” a police car and to have had a breathalyzer test result of 0.14 mg/dl.   The Washington Times article by Kerry Picket corrects other media reports which reported that Mr. Onyango actually collided with the police car.

Opon booking at the police station, ‘Uncle Omar’ was offered the opportunity to make a phone call.  “I think I will call the White House,” was his reply, according to Framington police Lieutenant Delaney.

Uncle Omar, who now calls himself Onyango Obama,  is mentioned in  Obama’s book “Dreams from My Father” as one of the relatives who had emigrated from Kenya to America and was never heard from again. He now faces possible deportation as an illegal immigrant, in addition to DUI charges.

The Australian reports that Auntie Zeituni’s lawyer, Margaret Wong, of Cleveland, will also defend Uncle Omar.

More is available at the Boston Herald, which says that although Uncle Omar is an illegal immigrant,  he has a valid social security number and driver’s license.