If You Still Rely on U.S. Mainstream Media, You Need to Hear This

Regarding your election choices and what the government is doing, you will not be informed by the mainstream media. Here is Proof. Click below and read how issues of foreign policy are handled. Then listen to the reporters coordinating their questions for the candidate, not realizing that a hot mic was present.

The Insane MSM Questions Romney Faced at Presser – By Katrina Trinko – The Corner – National Review Online.

Kira Davis Drops the Big One on MSNBC “Analyst” Toure

Pharmer passes on video from another rising star, Kira Davis, who is worth the listen. Recall that Toure is the “analyst” who thinks that Romney some how has power or motivation to “ni*g*rize” Obama.

Black conservatives in general have to swim against the current of a majority who think that conservatism is only for White people, and they frequently pay a high social price. Oddly, this discrimination is based on the conservative label, rather than on the substance. More Black Americans tend to lean rightward on social issues, and very often on economic ones.

Pharmer has always looked up to people who are willing to pay a significant price in upholding their convictions. Tour the sidebar and find more people like Kira Davis.

Mitt Romney Makes Nice with TeaParty by Picking Paul Ryan as as VP

Watch Congressman Paul Ryan rip up the Obamacare Budget and point out that millions of seniors LOSE MEDICARE as a result of Obamacare funding, as well as the double accounting that causes this problem. It’s why Obama can’t stand him, and a reason why the Tea Party thinks he’s OK. Romney likely has chosen Ryan for the purpose of attracting Tea Party support in the general election.

Obama Ad: Romney Killed Joe Soptic’s Wife – in Absentia

Joe Soptic is an O-Bot. This is why he’s blaming Mitt Romney, (whose employer kept his GST, Kansas City, steel factory alive a few years longer), for killing his wife Ranae. What Joe won’t realize is that the person he supports for president has a death panel waiting for him. That will be his final reward for trusting in the lies of leftists.
It would appear that Soptic’s actually fell victim to those liberal lies, that 20 of the population has no access to health care. She might have suspended medical treatment for herself due to a false belief that she couldn’t get medical care. She waited until her last days to find out that it actually was available.
Unmentioned in the ad below is that Joe’s wife Ranae actually had her own insurance at Saver’s Thrift store and carried it for possibly 1 to 2 years after her husband’s employer went bankrupt, until  she was laid off. She actually died in 2006, years after Joe was laid off. He held a part time job as a custodian.
At the time of her death, there were 30,000 in hospital bills. Joe contributed 12,000 from a savings account and the hospital wrote the remainder off.
The Conservative Review provides a timeline:
1993- Bain Capital acquires GST Steel Plant
1999- Romney gets paid leave of absence from Bain to run the Olympics of 2002
2001- GST’s Bankruptcy
2002- Joe Soptic is laid off from GST and takes a custodial job with much lower salary
2006- Ranae Soptic goes to the hospital ostensibly for pneumonia, and lung cancer is discovered. She dies a short time later.

Who was running Bain when GST went under? Obama fund bundler Jonathan Lavine!! He’s still the managing director and Chief Investments Officer. Obama is accepting political contributions from Bain capital employees.


-Given the actual timeline, Joe Soptic should perhaps acknowledge his own possible negligence as contributory to his wife’s untimely death.

-What would Obama have for the uninsured people  in the Soptic’s situation?  Apparently a FINE, if they couldn’t afford health insurance, but certainly not better care then they COULD have accessed prior to 2006, had they not swallowed the liberal lies about access to health care.

Boston Catholic Insider: Romney Lied About Catholic Hospitals Voluntarily Giving out Plan B

Boston Catholic Insider.

Linked above is an extensive article and information from the Boston Catholic Insider on the process by which the Catholic Hospitals of Massachusetts were coerced to give out the morning after pill to rape victims.
It includes a detailed chronology of events, and is worth your time to read.
Romney appears capable of a similar kind of bait and switch that Obama has done to the Catholic Bishops with his birth control/ abortion / sterilization mandate.

Here’s an 12/2005 article from the Pilot Catholic News about Romney’s announcement that his morning after pill mandate applied to Catholic hospitals. Romney had previously stated that religious hospitals would be exempted by a 1975 law that provided protection for conscientious refusal to distribute birth control or participate in abortion. He later decided that there was no such shield, and demanded that the Catholic hospitals comply with the birth control mandate.

No Federal Funding For Abortion Providers- Not a Big Deal, Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is not really wanting to cut funding for abortions so strongly that he’d actually promise to work on it.   He pretends that it would be a big deal and cause defunding of all the hospitals that offer abortion services.

Hospitals can create a mini corporation and sector it off to do all the objectionable stuff using private funds.

This is really easy.     A building does not have to contain only one corporation.  It’s very easy to rent out a section to another corporation which does the unfundable activity while the rest of the institution qualifies for federal funds.
This can be done for a hundred thousand bucks  or less in some cases.   If the law gets picky, they can park a single wide outside and get er done.

Hospitals at this time are turning themselves inside out, spending millions upgrading technology to remain qualified for medicare and medicaid funds.
Segregating the abortions sufficiently to remain qualified for federal funds  is no big deal for most institutions, other than than having some of their benefactors find out what is being done there.

Mitt can stop pretending that he’s pro-life enough to honor our desire not to pay for the killings.