Ohio Tax Dollars at Play

Dress-Wearing Women Aren’t Crazy About Glass Staircase at New $105 Million Ohio Courthouse | The Blaze.

Someone  found a new way to spend tax dollars in Ohio for recreation.  The Franklin County Courthouse has  a glass staircase available for visual fun and games, as well as festivities with cell phone cams.

If someone announced that a web cam was found embedded in the floor below the glass staircase,  it would be NO surprise!.

Politico Issues Correction After Palin Camp Bashes Authors for ‘Making Up’ Quote | The Blaze

Politico Issues Correction After Palin Camp Bashes Authors for ‘Making Up’ Quote | The Blaze.

Very Briefly, here’s the Quote attributed by the Politico to Palin, though she never said it.   The Politico has retracted it, acknowledging that the words come from the authors of the piece, not from Palin.

Palin’s bus tour had some of the hallmarks of a primal scream: “I built this constituency, not Bachmann, not anyone else.” Looking at it through her eyes, she has a point.

The apparent purpose of the misattribution was  to invent a fight between Palin and Bachmann which has not occurred.

Sung-Bong Choi’s Viral Vocal Video

Korea’s Got Talent has their own Susan Boyle style of Viral Video.

Check out 22 year old Sung Bong Choi’s performance.

Some versions of this video perhaps did not give the full interview explaining that Choi did attend high school and had vocal training. This video shows him mentioning having taken “master lessons”. No amount of vocal training will produce a voice like his from nothing. Choi is a natural.

Hopefully this guy’s life is looking up.

Beware the New UN Gun Agreement

U.N. Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms – Larry Bell – The Bell Tells for You – Forbes.   <—read up!

This is something that you should bring up with your senators, since they have to ratify these kinds of agreements.

Under UN RULE, the ownership, acquisition, and use of firearms would be much more restricted, difficult and expensive.

This agreement violates the Second Amendment and constitutes a major gun grab.  Over on the sidebar, and RIGHT HERE, you can find a link to get a hold of your Senators so get busy.

Non Productive Federal Department of Education

Fed. Gov‘t SWAT Team Busts Down Man’s Door Over Estranged Wife’s Student Loans | The Blaze.

Here’s another example of non-productive activity from your federal government, this time, the Department of Education.  It issued a warrant pursuant to collecting a student loan in Stockton, California.  The trouble is that they screwed up… and had the Swat team destroy the doorway of the loan recipient’s estranged husband and his three children.

Not able to correctly distinguish between the husband and wife, even by sex, they held  Mr. Kenneth Wright in a police car for hours, and no doubt, this and the search of his home was extremely disconcerting to the three young children.

Note:  The Stockton Police Dept. wished to emphasize that they did not exhibit nor take part in this degree of incompetence.

Click for Video Link

Congressman Radioactive Wiener – Could be Good for America if He Stays

You knew it would happen……. further public humiliation of Anthony Weiner.   Shock jocks grabbed pic that Breitbart had refused to publish, and released a low quality pic of the pic to Gawker which loves to show us everything.

Weiner’s malformed ego would not let him do the right thing and fade into oblivion.   He had to hang on, put his family and associates through misery, and show us the quintessential Leftist. With elections coming, even the dems are wishing he’d go away, but are too  wussified  to say it out loud.  (Plus,  they all have their own odd private lives in mind.)

It’s nasty, Jerry Springer stuff, but probably good for the public  to have a peek at the model,  sexual  agenda of the left.   It’s just like all of their other agendas……….. NON PRODUCTIVE!.  A whole lot of time is devoted to the pursuit, but it elicits NO results!   This is just like their idea of health care, their war on poverty, their foriegn policy, their energy policy. etc..

When you think of what the leftists will do for us while they’re in power… just think of Anthony’s non productive cybersex, and how much time he devoted to it.

Joe Kovacs: Protect Kids on the Internet from Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner – New York’s 9th District.

Joe Kovacs over at WND found this great page,  linked above, spouting Congressman Anthony Weiner’s passion for protecting kids on the internet from the likes of …… HIMSELF!!

Mind you,  Weiner was wandering the social media,  sexting with ‘females’  whose age was a mystery to him.  You know how kids lie about their age  to get  a facebook page.   The congressman has admitted to having no certainty about the age of his sexting partners.

Pharmer wonders  if Weiner has contemplated the possibility  that those with whom he has been sexting may not all be female.


Teen Accused of Brutally Stabbing Israeli Fogel Family: ‘I’m Proud of What I Did’ | The Blaze

Teen Accused of Brutally Stabbing Israeli Fogel Family: ‘I’m Proud of What I Did’ | The Blaze.

18-year-old Amjad Awad  and 17-year-old Hakim Awad are charged with killing the Fogel family in Israel.   The elder of the two says that he did it all for Palestine and that he would do it again.

A reminder of the horrific killings which occurred in March 2011:  4 year old and 11 year old Fogel boys were stabbed, the 3 month old baby’s throat was slashed,  the  parents were stabbed and the mother was also shot.