Jerking the Old Media Around

Time’s Steinmetz Grouses About Way Alaska Governor Released Palin E-mails |

Ken Shepherd over at Newsbusters noticed some whining from the old media that Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell dumped Sarah Palin’s emails on them in printed form.

Call a Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance !

There’s the suggestion that Parnell did it just to jerk the Palin hating journalists around.    If so, that’s hilarious.

But another reason is that electronic redactions sometimes don’t work.   In various programs you can copy paste a redacted document and the printed stuff under the electronically produced black lines will reappear again.

FEMA Denials to Tornado Struck Homeowners: Insufficient Damage

Broken Bible Belt: Homes in Ruins From Tornadoes Denied Aid by FEMA for ‘Insufficient Damage’ | The Blaze.

This is priceless:  a look at an Alabama  home which FEMA considers “not unsafe to live in” and insufficiently damaged to be eligible for grants to rebuild. Jonathan Stewart received a letter based on a FEMA inspection stating just that.

This home owner has since found out that his insurance coverage will allow him to rebuild.  In other words, he had planned ahead sufficiently, and really would be better off without government assistance.  FEMA  could screw that up as badly as they did the home evaluation.



Pelosi Now Says Weiner Should Resign

Calls mount for Weiner’s resignation –

Since Congressman Weiner (D, NY)  is known to have been texting the underaged,  (though he claims it was not indecent),  Pelosi is undoubtedly worried about what will pop up next.  She’s  has currently determined  that Weiner should quit. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Steve Israel concur with Pelosi’s  momentary position on the issue.

Since Anthony has held no private sector jobs, and has no law degree, he might have some difficulty with income, should he be booted from his seat, and this is a  reason that many speculate that he has not stepped down on his own.

Update: Rehab for Weiner to make him a better family man. He’s asking for a leave of absence from his congressional duties.

It’s So Much Easier to Not Have Cable Television

Bozell Column: Viacom’s Endless Violations |

Above linked  is some commentary showing a  reason why  leftists can’t understand that sending photos of ones privates to people half one’s age is gross.   They talk to themselves and each other through their own media outlets, and rarely interact with the normal people who actually produce things in the United States.

Brent Bozell comments on the new show our kids won’t be watching called “Friends with Benefits”, as well as other Cable nasties.

We don’t have MTV etc. because……. it’s more worthless material and waste of brain time.

Of course there’s no way to totally  keep your kids from seeing this stuff at their friends’ houses.  But, by avoiding cable television at home,  at least your kids learn that standards of decency exist, and there’s more free for their brains to do something useful.

The Food “Detectives”

My Way News – Germany: Sprouts are cause of E. coli outbreak.

Only a quote will do:

“Reinhard Burger, president of the Robert Koch Institute, said even though no tests of the sprouts from an organic farm in Lower Saxony had come back positive for the E. coli strain behind the outbreak, an investigation into the pattern of the outbreak had produced enough evidence to draw the conclusion.”

One thing this article does not mention is a study or observation of the food handling and storage conditions.

After damaging the businesses of produce farmers, it’s now said to be OK the lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers.

But don’t eat the sprouts, even though none are shown to be tainted with the virulent form of E. Coli.

Sorry…. more quotes. “Also, since it has not yet be established why the sprouts were bad – whether the seeds had been contaminated or the farm’s water – the experts said it was possible that other nearby farms could also be affected.” (Non sequitur)

You should read the whole article from MyWay news to fully appreciate the epidemiological work of the “experts”.

Also bear in mind that the organisms associated with food poisoning are transmitted among people by poor hygiene, personal contact, (the fecal oral route),  and improper  food handling.