It’s So Much Easier to Not Have Cable Television

Bozell Column: Viacom’s Endless Violations |

Above linked  is some commentary showing a  reason why  leftists can’t understand that sending photos of ones privates to people half one’s age is gross.   They talk to themselves and each other through their own media outlets, and rarely interact with the normal people who actually produce things in the United States.

Brent Bozell comments on the new show our kids won’t be watching called “Friends with Benefits”, as well as other Cable nasties.

We don’t have MTV etc. because……. it’s more worthless material and waste of brain time.

Of course there’s no way to totally  keep your kids from seeing this stuff at their friends’ houses.  But, by avoiding cable television at home,  at least your kids learn that standards of decency exist, and there’s more free for their brains to do something useful.