Pelosi Now Says Weiner Should Resign

Calls mount for Weiner’s resignation –

Since Congressman Weiner (D, NY)  is known to have been texting the underaged,  (though he claims it was not indecent),  Pelosi is undoubtedly worried about what will pop up next.  She’s  has currently determined  that Weiner should quit. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Steve Israel concur with Pelosi’s  momentary position on the issue.

Since Anthony has held no private sector jobs, and has no law degree, he might have some difficulty with income, should he be booted from his seat, and this is a  reason that many speculate that he has not stepped down on his own.

Update: Rehab for Weiner to make him a better family man. He’s asking for a leave of absence from his congressional duties.