No Appreciation of Satire at TSA?

» House Bill Would Criminalize Satire of TSA Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!.

From the funspot of Infowars comes some text from H.R. 3011 concerning the Transportation Security Administration  “Department of Molestation”.

This bill contains language to prohibit the use of logos and words containing TSA, or variants thereof, and imitations of the logo design, and make such use a federal crime.

Apparently  the extensive body of satire and parody of the TSA  has hit some raw nerves.

The language exists in section 295 of the bill, so if you’re making money, or deriving amusement from  making fun of the TSA,  you had better write your congressman.

Alternatives to Komen for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is also the month for awareness that Susan G Komen Foundation gives grants to Planned Parenthood, an organization which has no mammography equipment, but purports to do breast cancer screenings.

Here are some alternatives to the Susan Komen Foundation, if you feel moved to donate money for breast cancer research, but would like to avoid funding the nations largest abortion provider. 

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy

Breast Cancer Society


Women urge others to go public about abortions

Women urge others to go public about abortions.

Harriet Hills Stinson,  (85 year old member of the Hills Bros. Coffee family) has publicly announced that she had an abortion in her 20s, and does not regret it to this day.

She’s part of the NARAL push to get women to announce their post-abortive status in order to deter Congress from passing a bill that excuses the rest of us from funding the procedures.

Pharmer suspects that  NARAL, who bestowed honor on Ms. Stinson at their “Power of Choice” banquet,  may be taking unfair advantage of a elderly woman in mental decline.

Pelosi on Abortion: Foaming at the Mouth Again

Steve Ertelt grabbed this bit of video of Pelosi commenting on the latest attempt to defund abortion and protect conscientious health care professionals, being addressed in Congress.

Nancy is frothing at the mouth with more intensity than usual, fueled possibly by the cognitive dissonance in her mind. Nancy professes some connection with Catholicism, which expressly states that the killings of humans by abortion are wrong. It is up close and personal for Pelosi, who wants these procedures available for her daughters. Living inside the head of this woman would not be pleasant.

From Nancy’s mind to yours, (4/20/07) decrying the upreme Court decision to uphold the ban of partial birth abortion:
“This isn’t really an abortion issue. That is what really saddens me about what the justices said.

“This is about a procedure that any parent would want her daughter to have access to if she needed it.
And to frame it as an abortion issue is doing a disservice to medicine and to our young women and our country. So I hope we can get the focus back on the fact that this Supreme Court is deciding what medical procedures are necessary for child-bearing women.”

Pharmer invites Pelosi to present a single medical case in which any procedure of carving up a human in utero is necessary specifically to save the life of a mother.

Don’t hold your breath for a response.

Tea Party vs Occupy Wall Street in pictures |

Tea Party vs Occupy Wall Street in pictures |

Click above for the Tea Party vs the  Occupy rallies in Pictures.  Todd Kinsey has a pretty good lineup showing civilization vs the barbarians.

Pharmer notes the lefties have been  telling the right wing to stay out of their bedrooms, and to respect their desire to abuse themselves as they see fit.

In the present day, the “Occupy” protestors have been paid to  take all their “private” behaviors  out into the street, and demand that we pay ever increasing amounts for their  consequences.

Md. TSA Agent Charged With Child Porn – Baltimore News Story – WBAL Baltimore

Md. TSA Agent Charged With Child Porn – Baltimore News Story – WBAL Baltimore.

Pedophiles seek  opportunities for access to children, so it’s natural that these kinds of people would be working for the TSA.  That’s a job which affords opportunities to grope kids for pay.

So it’s no surprise to see a child porn user working for the TSA.  Michael Scott Wilson, of Perry Hall, MD,  is out on bail after being charged with possession of kiddie porn.