Arab Spring: Christians Massacred In Cairo

Arab Spring Christians Massacred In Cairo.

Coptic Christians  demonstrated their anger over church burnings,  and discriminatory treatment.  The army, which had failed in its response to the burnings, dealt harshly with the Christians,  crushing the demonstrators and killing 30.

Walid Phares weighs in on the situation, with conjecture on how the younger Muslims and Copts will respond to the Army’s handling of this situation.

As expected (planned) the Christians of the Middle East will not be the beneficiaries of the Arab Spring.

Fast and Furious weapons found in Mexico cartel enforcer’s home –

Fast and Furious weapons found in Mexico cartel enforcer’s home –

The ATF supplied guns to the world’s most powerful drug cartel : Sinaloa.

Forty guns supplied by the ATF turned up in the arsenal of one Torres Marrufo, (the Jaguar)  a top enforcer of the Sinaloa cartel.


Congressman Darrell Issa is serving up more subpoenas to Eric Holder, as the Pharmer blogs.

Will Obama jettison the Holder Unit, or are they too symbiotic for that kind of pragmatism?

Knew that Obama was Lost in the Weeds but…..

President Obama growing isolated from his own administration –

Michael Goodwin of the NY Post sez that he’s wondering out there, mostly alone.   Obama is not meeting much with his administration, and appears to be making decisions with only the input from a very few, such as Valerie Jarrett, and David Axelrod, now his political advisor.

Some of his Cabinet members are complaining of  that  shut out feeling.


The Remnant: NOT Happy with Bishop Zurek and USCCB over Priests for Life.


It’s a long and Blistering opinion piece at the Remnant, a conservative Catholic Newspaper, ripping Bishop Patrick Zurek  for pulling Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life back to Amarillo, and “suspending?” him.

This treatment of the pro-lifers is NO surprise to the Pharmer, who has long noticed that our business and priorities are NOT those of the USCCB, even though they have been putting out a little showing of concern for the problem in the past few years.

Up until recently, the babies bodies have been politically  bartered  in order to gain other benefits of higher priority.  It’s been better for social programs, more open borders, and the collection plate, to push the abortion issue to the back burner.

Now that it’s painfully obvious to most everyone  that Catholics will be forced to participate in abortion, whether they want to or not,  we’ve gotten a new Committee!   (wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!) at the USCCB.

But Fr. Frank Pavone, who has his own pro-life organization has been ordered to cease and desist.  Maybe  a vengeful  heart against those of us who stopped contributing to the USCCB, (which was  funding ACORN and some other organizations connected to abortion), caused Bishop Zurek to recommend that Catholics not donate to Priests for Life.

Pharmer is not inspired by this  to resume the contributions to USCCB.


Occupy Wall Street: Shocking photo shows protester defecating on POLICE CAR | Mail Online

Occupy Wall Street: Shocking photos show protester defecating on POLICE CAR | Mail Online.   <  — sick pics.

The Tea Party is Bigger by orders of magnitude, and much cleaner.

The global revolution lefties  have drummed up many tiny crowds around the country, and are most notable for leaving large heaps of trash at their demonstration sites, as well as inappropriate fecal deposits.

They are also becoming known for their unsanitary practices and general nastiness.  There has been much disruption of normal activities,  to a disproportionate degree relative to crowd size, and hundreds of arrests.

Would you want these lefties living in your neighborhoods?


Homily for October 2, 2011: 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time | The Deacon’s Bench

Homily for October 2, 2011: 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time | The Deacon’s Bench.

The pharmer’s Uncle found the Oct 2 homily from Deacon Greg Kandra,  and forwarded it.  It’s good input for pro-life month.

Deacon Greg Kandra tells us to thank Steve Jobs’ MAMA ,  who chose life for her unplanned kid and put him up for adoption.   She’s responsible for allowing us to have all those goodies from the Apple Corporation.

That sermon  provided impetus for another pounding on Pharmer’s favorite nail:

It highlighted one  reason, among many, to avoid usurping the life and death business from the ‘CEO of the universes’.

This pharmer is obsessed with another reason: that the advancement of humanity is fueled by the need to address human suffering and need.  

The short sighted get the idea that human suffering should be addressed by removing those who suffer or have special health needs.

Besides the immediate wrong of killing them, comes the Devolution of civilization.  Our impetus to create and invent to address human suffering and need is squashed, because those people are gone.

Some people have an indirect life mission to increase the humanity of everyone.  They are as valuable as Steve Jobs.

While you’re wandering Deacon Kandra’s blog, he has another cool sermon for this weekend, Oct 9.