Arab Spring: Christians Massacred In Cairo

Arab Spring Christians Massacred In Cairo.

Coptic Christians  demonstrated their anger over church burnings,  and discriminatory treatment.  The army, which had failed in its response to the burnings, dealt harshly with the Christians,  crushing the demonstrators and killing 30.

Walid Phares weighs in on the situation, with conjecture on how the younger Muslims and Copts will respond to the Army’s handling of this situation.

As expected (planned) the Christians of the Middle East will not be the beneficiaries of the Arab Spring.

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  1. The Copts are the direct spiritual descendents of the evangelists Sts Luke and Mark. They are predominantly Orthodox in Egypt, but there is also a sizeable number of Coptic Catholics. Both have the same Divine Liturgy, the Orthodox being the schimsatic sect not recognizing the supremacy of the Roman Pope and leaving out the "filioque" in the Anaphora consecration prayer.

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