Oxford Ohio: Deer rescues woman from attacker

Deer rescues woman from attacker | Cincinnati.com | cincinnati.com.

This story comes from one of the cities in Soutwest Ohio which Pharmer served in retail pharmacy practice.
It seems that a woman was attacked by an assailant as she left a party. As he was attempting to choke and drag her, the commotion disturbed a deer who was apparently bedded down for the night. The deer took off running, and that, in turn, scared off the attacker. The woman escaped without serious injury, and still in possession of her purse.

This particular woman has perhaps lost the taste for venison.

“Infanticidal Lefties!” We Told You So

After-birth abortion: why should the baby live? — Giubilini and Minerva — Journal of Medical Ethics.

After about 40 years of hearing that the pro-lifers’ slippery slope arguments against abortion and euthanasia were not valid, or a departure from reality, Pharmer takes this opportunity to say We TOLD you so!.

As if this is news, the internet has taken up the above example, authored by “bioethicists” (qualified to be on Obama’s health advisory team) that infanticide of any newborn is OK, if the baby is considered inconvenient to the lifestyle of the parents.

Wesley Smith is giving the same article one more go around at Second Hand Smoke. Even he seems tired of writing about them.

What seems to be a shock in the media is just old news to pro-lifers, who knew our leftist, ideological opponents, and realized their nature from the beginning. Killing and slavery is still their thing. They have not evolved to anything higher throughout the centuries.

The question is whether those of us without this appetite for destruction are going to continue to fund the plans of these people to kill and enslave us.

Are you attending to your boycotting? Are you paying attention to the “service” projects that your kids are doing in school? Are you directing your charitable efforts towards groups aligned with your ethical beliefs?

“What a Snob!” Santorum takes on the Obama College for All, Promise.

Pharmer’s current plan is to fund the most technical type of education possible for the kids after high school, and push them towards obtaining their continuing cultural education outside of the academic boxes filled with lefties. Most likely they will be more successful if their consciences and work ethics are not impaired by conventional university education.
This conclusion was reached after 11 years of college and graduate education, (lotsa alphabet soup) and work in research, teaching and pharmacy practice.
Pharmer’s husband obtained two associates degrees. He now teaches at a technical school in a third field, in which he is self-trained, as a master automotive technician.

Santorum is correct that the universities are not the only road to success. Curiosity and constant self instruction are the keys. Always be willing to learn something new.
He’s also very correct about the academic snobbery.

Boston Catholic Insider: Romney Lied About Catholic Hospitals Voluntarily Giving out Plan B

Boston Catholic Insider.

Linked above is an extensive article and information from the Boston Catholic Insider on the process by which the Catholic Hospitals of Massachusetts were coerced to give out the morning after pill to rape victims.
It includes a detailed chronology of events, and is worth your time to read.
Romney appears capable of a similar kind of bait and switch that Obama has done to the Catholic Bishops with his birth control/ abortion / sterilization mandate.

Here’s an 12/2005 article from the Pilot Catholic News about Romney’s announcement that his morning after pill mandate applied to Catholic hospitals. Romney had previously stated that religious hospitals would be exempted by a 1975 law that provided protection for conscientious refusal to distribute birth control or participate in abortion. He later decided that there was no such shield, and demanded that the Catholic hospitals comply with the birth control mandate.

Planned Parenthood Created Indiana Girl Scouts Sex Ed Program.

Planned Parenthood Created Indiana Girl Scouts Sex Ed Program | TheBlaze.com.

Beautiful Bloomington* was the academic home of A.C. Kinsey, that kinky professor who messed with his students and called it sex research. It’s not a surprise that this bright blue leftie place would also allow a planned unparenthood sex educator to design a program to get their little girl scouts busy earlier in life.

The Blaze was a bit equivocal in its last coverage of the involvement of Indiana Rep. Bob Morris, who expressed his disgust at the connection of planned parenthood and Girl Scouts of America. It seems that they’ve amassed enough solid evidence that they’re willing to commit themselves and say yes, the two really are connected.

Indiana Right to Life spotted a little detail about the development of a sex ed program for the girl scouts of Bloomington, and 12 surrounding counties.

Leftie city of Bloomington Awarded Ann Reece posthumous recognition as follows:
“Lifetime Contribution Award winner Anne Reese was nominated posthumously by Carol McCord, Barbara Light, Kathryn Brown and Judy Klein. Anne’s career started with Planned Parenthood in Bloomington where she worked for many years as a health and sexuality educator, and helped initiate the Family Life Education program for Girl Scouts ages five to 18 throughout a twelve-county area”

Learn more about why planned parenthood is not the preferred sex educator for normal people HERE and HERE.

*Bloomington, Indiana¬† stands out as the only place, so far, where Pharmer was threatened with arrest (on the campus of Indiana University) for speaking at a prolife students meeting. It’s just that nutty.

Republicans Slam Media for Birth Control Question

Obama’s position (to the left of NARAL) opposing the Illinois Born Alive Infants protection act, is being softened and spun by the media into a protection of Roe V Wade.

The legislative record of Obama while in Illinois shows his vehement opposition to protecting the lives of babies born alive, prematurely or after failed abortion attempts, or induced early deliveries.

See for yourself: It’s been assembled since the 2008 presidential campaign, HERE!.

Federal judge says Washington State cannot force pharmacies to sell morning after pill

Governor Christine Gregoire is expected to appeal the federal court ruling which supports the pharmacists’ right to not dispense Plan B for reasons of conscience.
Judge Ronald Leighton noted that Washington state accepted all sorts of secular reasons for not stocking or dispensing a drug, but excluded conscience reasons. He declared the application of their rules to force pharmacists to dispense morning after pills to be unconstitutional. He noted that the Washington Board of Pharmacy stocking rules were “designed to force religious objectors to dispense Plan B.
Judge Leighton had originally blocked the application of the dispensing rule to make Stormans’ pharmacy carry Plan B, but that was overturned by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which remanded the case back to Leighton. After an 11 day trial, this new opinion was issued, which Leighton says has been created with a skeptical appeals court in mind.
Kevin Stormans, owner of Ralph’s Thriftway pharmacy and fellow pharmacists have been waging a legal battle since 2007, with the aid of The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, and Seattle law firm of Ellis, Li & McKinstry.

Pharmer congratulates these courageous Washington Pharmacists on their legal victory, and prays for their continued success.

See the Ruling by Judge Ron Leighton HERE.

Muslims are Following Evangelical Christians into Homeschooling.

Muslim families turn to home-schooling – Washington Times.

In the U.S. the majority of home schooled children are evangelical Christians, who have developed extensive curricula extending from K to grade 12.

The Washington Times highlights a program started by Cilia Ndiaye, who, as a child, was removed from school and taught at home after unpleasant experiences with the other students dissing her for her religion, and for wearing the hajib.

She now offers a curriculum which can be bought, or is free online for those who cannot afford to pay.

This report also mentions Muslims who feel more comfortable sending their kids to Christian religious private schools, rather than public schools, for the benefit of moral training in the educational process.

Still in its infancy, the Muslim home school movement hopes to duplicate the success of the Christians: children performing much higher on the standardized tests than the students from public schools.