Muslims are Following Evangelical Christians into Homeschooling.

Muslim families turn to home-schooling – Washington Times.

In the U.S. the majority of home schooled children are evangelical Christians, who have developed extensive curricula extending from K to grade 12.

The Washington Times highlights a program started by Cilia Ndiaye, who, as a child, was removed from school and taught at home after unpleasant experiences with the other students dissing her for her religion, and for wearing the hajib.

She now offers a curriculum which can be bought, or is free online for those who cannot afford to pay.

This report also mentions Muslims who feel more comfortable sending their kids to Christian religious private schools, rather than public schools, for the benefit of moral training in the educational process.

Still in its infancy, the Muslim home school movement hopes to duplicate the success of the Christians: children performing much higher on the standardized tests than the students from public schools.