Is Conservatism Our Default Ideology? – Miller-McCune

Is Conservatism Our Default Ideology? – Miller-McCune.

Drudge carried this story about a “study” implying that when people are under time pressure or cognitively impaired, they default to conservative positions.    As a result, the  Miller-McCune site, which carried the article is being bombarded with conservative views.

The underlying  fault of the study, led by Scott Eidelman at Arkansas University,  is that it works from false premises of what American Conservatism really represents. For example: how can the conservative position that ” production and trade should be free of government interference”    be said to align with “ acceptance of hierarchy, and a preference for the status quo” ??

The problem is that much of what is called conservative thought is the  opposite of the stereotypes heaped upon conservatives by the non-productive, non-inventive, parasitic left wing that infests academia.

American conservatives are preserving a  unique and ground breaking  social policy that recognizes God-given human rights, celebrates and encourages individual  creativity, productivity and responsibility.    Leftists are harking back  (devolving) to the top down system in which the government oversees and regulates  all their efforts.   This springs from a general, overriding  feeling that they cannot succeed on their own.

On Conservative Distrust of Science

There’s a  ‘study’ which concludes that Conservatives increasingly distrust science, and this group has shown the greatest change from trust to distrust in the last three-plus  decades.    The author  attributes the intertwining of science and public policy as a possible reason.   Left out of the coverage is the issue of rampant dishonesty and fraud, which has become increasingly visible to those outside the research fields.

In the coverage at the Blaze, there is an interesting comment that people don’t really agree on what science is.   It’s a fact that most people, as a result of the dismal failures in education, have no idea that science is a methodology for studying the physical  phenomena.  Many of them erroneously  think that science is an aggregation of information honored as “fact” by consensus.

Retraction Watch   <—– See a blog which monitors science journal retractions. This exemplifies the main reason why there’s a growing distrust of science. People observe and hear of rampant fraud and abuse. An example of this, the Global Warming Hoax (cult religion), has become very expensive to us.

This former researcher, and present day pharmacist is often hard pressed to distinguish what appears in NEJM, JAMA and Lancet from what is written in the Journal of Irreproducible Results.

Among the false intellectuals who dominate academia, there is little sense of accountability. They scoff at the idea that a person has responsibility to others. This is passed on to their students.

The natural result is dishonesty and work product of low quality. Conservatives, who show a tendency to think in a more left brain fashion, would be the first to notice this and register the loss of confidence.

Obama Loves Planned Parenthood

Some people arrange flowers, and Pharmer arranges videos.

Obama forgets that Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms.

Mammograms are not a money maker, and Planned Parenthood does not offer them.

Planned Parenthood is caught accepting a donation specifically to abort a Black baby.

Live Action Classic films show  Planned parenthood aiding and abetting sex slavery:  Click HERE for the VIDEO SERIES that the launched state and federal investigations, which caused Komen Foundation’s attempt  to withdraw funding.  Unfortunately Komen was not able to shake free of its abuser, and is suffering as a result.   There will be repeated media reminders to Komen that they must stay with their abusive “spouse”.

More Crimes Which Must Be Addressed In Congress

In order to maintain consistency with the handling of the Trayvon Martin killing by registered democrat, George Zimmerman, the parents of these crime victims should have their day before the U.S. House of Representatives.

Trayvon Martin Hoodie protest participant, Akeem Johnson, beats up his girlfriend, and kidnaps her, his anti-violence stance at the rally notwithstanding.   A neighbor intervened as he was dragging her through his yard and she escaped.  Johnson, a former college football player is held on $200,ooo bond.

A thirteen year old Kansas City boy was attacked by two black youths, on his way home from school.  He was in front of his house when they doused him with gas, and ignited it, saying  “This is what you deserve,  you get what you deserve white boy”.  The family has removed the boy from the school and is moving away  from the neighborhood.

In an effort to gin up violent sentiment against George Zimmerman, Spike Lee retweeted the wrong address.  The McClains, who have a son named William George Zimmerman, were forced to flee their home and move into a hotel to get away from the rain of  threats which ensued.

Trent Crump, along with Duntae Harvey and Mason Jones, are being held in conjunction with the shooting death of John Sanderson, a 21 year old Mississippi State University Student.

Not really…….. we should not be parading crime victims or their families  before Congress.  Those things should be handled at the local level.   This Trayvon Martin incident is being used to fulfill a political agenda.  Even his mother has applied to trademark his name in the hopes for obtaining cash from the merchandise produced for this political circus.

Political analyst, Juan Williams,  has touched on some background issues that led up to this crime, and wonders why there is a circus surrounding this event, and no effort to address the root causes. Read his article in the  WSJ.

Operation Rescue: Haskell Watch

Cincinnati Right to Life has reported to Operation Rescue that an ambulance has transported a patient from the Womans Med Center in Sharonville, Ohio during the morning of March 28,2012.

Dr Steven Brinn, a pediatrician in a neighboring office,  stated that the woman was being bagged (breathing assistance) and carried out on a stretcher by paramedics.

Haskell  lacks hospital privileges required for abortion practices by Ohio law.  He has a variance fpr the Sharonville clinic because two other physicians have agreed to cover his “accidents”.  One of them is William T Bowers III, who is under probation in Ohio, under criminal  investigation in Indiana, and who has lost his license to practice obstetrics in Kentucky.

Haskell operates an abortion clinic in Kettering, staffed by Roslyn Kade and Neil Strickland.  Three doctors who cover for their abortions at Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton OH,  are Lawrence Amesse, Sheela Barhan and Janice Duke.

Operation Rescue details the possible reasons why Haskell has obtained preferential treatment from politicians, and exemption from compliance with Ohio’s law requiring that abortionists have hospital admitting privileges.  Click HERE.

Haskell and former Sen John Glenn had a history of mutual assistance.  Glenn appointed Haskell’s supporting,  Federal District Court Judge, Algenon Marbley.  Haskell is vice president of Beta Theta Pi, a prestigious fraternity with such luminary members  as Sen. Richard Lugar, and former  Senators  Dick Gephart, Mark Hatfield, and Bob Packwood.

Pharmer would like to remind the public that many “accidents” at the abortion clinics, which do not occur while pro-life protesters are stationed outside, remain hidden.   Health care professionals and institutions fear reprisals if any patient identifying data  were to  be accidentally given if they were to reveal  abortion related injuries and deaths.

Sandra Fluke: Poster Child of a Progressive America

Sandra Fluke: Poster Child of a Progressive America. <-- You must click on this article by Krayton Kerns DVM, who is presently Montana State Rep. HD # 58, but should consider a run for national office. His blog earns links on the sidebar. From the article: "I pulled out my imaginary photo albums and reminisced about the free-love college days in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Things were different then. I remember John earning $1000 per month for sex at Colorado State University, so contraceptive costs were meaningless to him. Let me tell you about John.

A contemptible race-monger in chief

A contemptible race-monger in chief.

Click above to read Mychal Massie call out Obama on his race baiting.

“Like a fly to fresh horse manure or his wife to a hot-buttered biscuit, Obama wasted no time injecting himself into the cruel tragedy of the Trayvon Martin shooting. The shooting and subsequent loss of life is a tragedy, but it is a tragedy that could be used to draw people together. Instead, contemptible race-mongers like Obama use it as currency to both divide and further their agenda.”

Obama Tells Russians, Wait Till After He is Reelected

Russia does not like that NATO missile defense system in Eastern Europe. Obama has told outgoing President Medvedev to wait until he’s reelected. (He’ll be able to undermine the U.S. interests any way he wants after that time.)

Here’s the transcript of what was caught on the hot mic.

The exchange was picked up by microphones as reporters were let into the room for remarks by the two leaders.

And here’s the exchange:

President Obama: On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.

President Medvedev: Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…

President Obama: This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.

President Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.