More Crimes Which Must Be Addressed In Congress

In order to maintain consistency with the handling of the Trayvon Martin killing by registered democrat, George Zimmerman, the parents of these crime victims should have their day before the U.S. House of Representatives.

Trayvon Martin Hoodie protest participant, Akeem Johnson, beats up his girlfriend, and kidnaps her, his anti-violence stance at the rally notwithstanding.   A neighbor intervened as he was dragging her through his yard and she escaped.  Johnson, a former college football player is held on $200,ooo bond.

A thirteen year old Kansas City boy was attacked by two black youths, on his way home from school.  He was in front of his house when they doused him with gas, and ignited it, saying  “This is what you deserve,  you get what you deserve white boy”.  The family has removed the boy from the school and is moving away  from the neighborhood.

In an effort to gin up violent sentiment against George Zimmerman, Spike Lee retweeted the wrong address.  The McClains, who have a son named William George Zimmerman, were forced to flee their home and move into a hotel to get away from the rain of  threats which ensued.

Trent Crump, along with Duntae Harvey and Mason Jones, are being held in conjunction with the shooting death of John Sanderson, a 21 year old Mississippi State University Student.

Not really…….. we should not be parading crime victims or their families  before Congress.  Those things should be handled at the local level.   This Trayvon Martin incident is being used to fulfill a political agenda.  Even his mother has applied to trademark his name in the hopes for obtaining cash from the merchandise produced for this political circus.

Political analyst, Juan Williams,  has touched on some background issues that led up to this crime, and wonders why there is a circus surrounding this event, and no effort to address the root causes. Read his article in the  WSJ.