Glenn Beck Announces Blaze ‘Action Center’ At FreedomWorks Ohio FreePAC | Video |

Glenn Beck Announces Blaze ‘Action Center’ At FreedomWorks Ohio FreePAC | Video |

The Freedom Works Bootcamp in Cincinnati was well worth attending. Unlike Obama’s events, this one attracted much more interest than the planners had hoped for, and had to be moved to a bigger location at the Duke Convention center. The room, which holds 7000 people, was entirely packed with a hugely enthusiastic crowd. Matt Kibbe of Freedom Works pointed out that in contrast to the liberals, we conservatives did not have to be paid to come to the event.
Your friendly Pharmer took the whole family for ~ 7 hours well spent. None of the kids were bored, and now they have a better understanding of what their parents have been up to.

The people of Freedom Works and Glen Beck Rocked the House and energized a ginormous group of conservatives to get out the vote.

Lefties have a permanent problem, and it is U.S.

Freedom Works has a lot of good tools for tea partiers to keep in touch, as well as monitor their government,  and The Blaze is opening up interactive features of its news site to allow readers to take immediate action in response to news stories. Click those links!

Actor Rupert Everett Can‘t Think of ’Anything Worse’ Than Being Raised by 2 Gay Dads

Actor Rupert Everett Can‘t Think of ’Anything Worse’ Than Being Raised by Gay Dads | <--click it. There are plenty of gay people who realize that the lifestyle is accompanied by various extra hardships that political correctness can't remove. They're considerate enough to avoid imposing the social burden of those difficulties on a child. Rupert Everett appears to be sensible enough to understand that it's good for kids to be allowed to be kids. Expect for Everett to undergo a good deal of mistreatment and ostracism for daring to speak his own mind, and go in a different direction than the leftist herd.

Christian CEO of Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. Sues Obama Admin. Over HHS Mandate |

Shop at Hobby Lobby! They’re now the largest privately owned company to sue the Obama administration over its Health and Human Services Mandate. David Green, the CEO and founder of Hobby Lobby explains that he will pay 1.3 million dollars in fines if he refuses to buy insurance that covers types of birth control that Evangelical Christians oppose. The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is providing legal representation in this challenge to the HHS Mandate.

Prayers for the success of Mr. Green and the Hobby Lobby Corporation in their efforts to defend religious freedom.

Christian CEO of Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. Sues Obama Admin. Over HHS Mandate |

If You Still Rely on U.S. Mainstream Media, You Need to Hear This

Regarding your election choices and what the government is doing, you will not be informed by the mainstream media. Here is Proof. Click below and read how issues of foreign policy are handled. Then listen to the reporters coordinating their questions for the candidate, not realizing that a hot mic was present.

The Insane MSM Questions Romney Faced at Presser – By Katrina Trinko – The Corner – National Review Online.

WhistleWatch »OSC Finds HHS Secretary Sebelius Violated Hatch Act

WhistleWatch » Blog Archive » OSC Finds HHS Secretary Sebelius Violated Hatch Act.

The Office of Special Counsel has determined that on February 25, 2012, Kathleen Sebelius made partisan comments during a speech made in her official capacity. This is a violation of the Hatch Act which constrains public official from political activity to affect the outcome of an election.

The HHS department, after the fact, reclassified the trip as personal and Sebelius had to reimburse the costs.

The Report by the OCS has been sent to the president and it will go absolutely Nowhere.

It would be good to check who paid for Sebelius’ trip to the DNC to shill and resell Obamacare a week ago.

“Apparently President Obama Can’t See Egypt and Libya from his House”

Says Sarah Palin on Facebook.

She commented on the poor response of the administration to attacks on embassys in the Middle East on the anniversary of 911.

Sarah closed with the following blast: “America can’t afford any more “leading from behind” in such a dangerous world. We already know that President Obama likes to “speak softly” to our enemies. If he doesn’t have a “big stick” to carry, maybe it’s time for him to grow one.”

Obama’s Bid for Middle East Surprise

The Dems have made a dangerous and ill conceived bid to deflect from their disastrous domestic policy by stirring up conflict in the Middle East.

The apology coming from the Cairo Egypt embassy, timed to coincide with Islamist 9-11 celebrations, was likely for the purpose of producing a pretext for violence. The extremist-Islamist responses, that any sane person would expect, are now underway. Lefties are pretending to be shocked that there would be violent backlash resulting from such incitement to violence. It is likely to be much more than they are prepared to handle. That Obama has been backing away from Israel (encouraging that country to DROP THE BIG ONE in desperation) is evidence of complete disarray in his administration.

During this time, Obama is AWOL at such important events as campaign stops, fundraisers and a Letterman appearance.
His schedule is very busy, and he has no time for Binyamin Netanyahu, the leader of Israel, a country which strategically has often acted as a U.S. outpost in the Middle East.

It’s Jimmy Carter, pre-Reagan, all over again, only WORSE. Let’s hope that Mitt Romney steps up to the plate and takes this opportunity to present his foreign policy plans, and assure the world that a more competent leader is taking the helm of the U.S..

Chris Plante Radio Show in DC takes Caller Who was Concieved in Rape

Listening to Ken, a caller to the Chris Plante Show in Washington DC who relates the circumstances of his birth and adoption, following a heated discussion about abortion for women who have been raped. It’s nine minutes well spent. At age 30, he met his birth mother and found that he was conceived when she was raped at age 15. She went to Catholic Charities to receive assistance and handle the adoption of her baby boy. Ken gives an eloquent appeal for the lives of kids resulting from rape. Listen up, and please pass it on. Also please remember that Catholic Charities adoptions services have been forcibly closed down in various locations (including Washington DC) because they won’t make arrangements for gay couples.

Jill Stanek: Karl Rove, fair weather friend

Karl Rove, fair weather friend. <-Click it, read it, pass it on. This synopsis is a quick and very important read, which validates Pharmer's notion that Karl Rove has never been a friend of conservatives or pro-lifers. You'll learn of Rove's connection to the Todd Akin and the Susan Komen Foundation vs. planned parenthood issues.

While the tea-party does the slow work of transforming the nation, pro-lifers will have to support Romney, though his record on life issues is spotty, just to get Obama-the-Extremist out. Absent a massive conversion on Mitt’s part, conservatives should still be casting about for his replacement, and be able to supply a strong primary opponent in 2016, or a third party opponent, depending on the response of the republican establishment.

The Tea-Party needs to repeatedly demonstrate to the Rove- RINO’s that they are no longer needed. One effective means of accomplishing this is helping Todd Akin beat Claire McCaskill. This is worthwhile for every member of the grass roots, whether or not they are big on the abortion issue itself. The republican establishment has been dissing the Tea-Party since the beginning, and we need to show them who’s boss. All of us would benefit from the retirement of Karl Rove and his ilk.

Insight: GM’s Volt: The ugly math of low sales, high costs | Reuters

Since it costs about twice as much to build a Chevy volt, than the base price which GM charges, the taxpayers will be paying 49,000 dollars for every volt on the road. They already pay aout 7,000 dollars for government subsidy of each customer purchase.
As you know, the Chinese government is subsidizing the production of the cars over there, but production is likely still at a similar loss.
Be aware that the losses incurred by the GM plants in China will fall on the American tax payers in the next bailout.

Are you feeling green today?

Insight: GM's Volt: The ugly math of low sales, high costs | Reuters.